Calling out falsehoods

Has this site really gotten to the point where we are we not allowed to refute obvious false statements in any way, shape or form? Is making stuff up really the only way to not lose debates so it’s now acceptable? If someone says the sky is red then we have to accept that the sky must be red?

Of all things the measure is Man, of the things that are, that they are, and of the things that are not, that they are not.

This was refuted around 399 BCE and keeps trying to make a comeback.

Calling people liars has always been against the rules. The thing that changed is that way too many are just completely shameless about it now, so it makes discussion kind of pointless. Debate on this forum has mirrored the debate taking place in our greater politics. The political right in this country is led by an ugly, cruel, ignorant liar and, sadly, those tendencies have drifted down and become not just more acceptable, but demanded as part of the purity test.


I just don’t understand how a lot of it doesn’t reflect poorly on our host. Sooner or later one of these outrageous claims will be reported by the MSM again when it could of been prevented

You mean like the great Russian hooax?



Many leftists on this board are notorious “fabricators”. But oh. It’s the political right, according to you…



It al reflects poorly.

I don’t understand how he lets it continue.

I know many people have asked the admins that exact question.


And to be fair, there are too many outside of Trump Nation willing to roll around in the filth with them. Which they gleefully rejoice in.

Only libs are allowed to fabricate falsehoods. :wink:


Refute it with factss, refute it without going person. That is the way to do it. If you go after the person in doing it, it will be deleted and you could get a sanction.

That WILL happen if you call another poster a liar.

I believe we should be called out for doing so as well

Try debating rather than name calling.

While on the subject of sanctions what happens when someone accuses another honored guest of being an addict 4 times in the same thread?

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Well I’ve only seen one posts, and it was phrases in such as way that it wasn’t at the poster but liberals in certain cities.

If they outright say you are an addict, flag it so a mod can deal with it.

The poster in question kept using the word “you” in a very specific sense with very little ambiguity. We were told that was a no no

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I’m more tired of the blatant trolling and victim posting going on then people being dishonest via semantics.

Because that’s all this really is. Semantics and thats not going to stop regardless of where you talk about politics. It’s the reason we call things partisan. No mod is going to stop that. Hannity as a message board has always promoted all points of view.

Some of asked why hannity iant more of an echo chamber for the right. That’s not what this site is about.

What is clear is we all seem to have the same issues but from our own perspectives.

One side thinks the mods cater to the other side and vice versa.
Is that the case? Eh…we dont see what they see and how they handle things. Are somethings overblown? Yes…you will always have that…

But none of this will change anything. People who cry victim are always going to regardless.

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So it’s ok to call a large group of liberals drug addicts but implying Trump supporters could be prejudiced isn’t? I don’t see a difference there.


Is this a good example of what you’re talking about?

If so I agree with you 100 percent. :wink:

Nothing in that statement is false.

Well it has it all, victim card, dishonesty etc…does it not?

Be careful of casting those stones. :wink: