Calling a response dumb


Okay, so I was told that this is what my post in a particular thread was deleted for. It was done addressing the post though. Furthermore, I was talking about the format of the response in general.

And please don’t close this thread so quickly after you, a moderator, responds to it.


@Samson, your wiki is open


It’s getting crazy. I have had two threads asking basic questions shut down today alone. I am actually surprised that my account is still active. Any thread could be my last.


It’s getting nuts. Calling an argument dumb certainly isn’t an attack on a poster—unless they’re choosing to read that as an attack on the person. I wonder if the same will happen if I call an argument absurd (e.g., as in “reductio ad absurdum”).


Snow lockedmy complaint thread immediately after responding, so I couldn’t reply to him on what is wrong with the post deletions.


Either one of you could sent him a PM. He seems to be active right now.


I have asked for questions regarding which rules that I have violated and have been promptly ignored.


This thread will disappear in 3… 2… 1…


This should be public.


Trying to have an open honest discussion isn’t going to work.

Trying to have a behind-the-curtains-of-Oz discussion isn’t going to work.

The Irony Club did a bang-up job. lol

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