California's Coronavirus Failure

“Well-meaning” - that sums up every single Democratic policy failure in the Golden State, whether it’s the refusal to manage forests for four decades or boasting the highest poverty rate in the nation. Good thing Democrats now have single-party rule over the rest of the nation now - this is a preview.

California’s hospitals run unusually lean for some state-specific reasons. People began moving to California in large numbers just as treating patients in hospitals for weeks at a time was becoming less common—the state’s population tripled in the second half of the 20th century. The state suddenly became a very densely populated place without a lot of extra room in its hospitals.

When some California hospitals closed, their health workers lost their jobs. Add to that a meager number of trainee primary-care doctors and a high cost of living, and “we just don’t have enough doctors, nurses, allied health professionals to take care of everybody here”

By ALL means, let’s to continue encourage sanctuary states and enact Medicare for All as quickly as possible.

California’s Open Borders chickens have come home to roost! At some point welcoming as many of the worlds impoverished citizens into ones state has its consequences. I’ve posted on this before, California is the wealthiest state in the country (is there even a close second), has had nothing but Liberals in power for over a decade, yet has the highest functional poverty rate, highest income inequality, many lousy public schools, etc.


Now do North Dakota!

North Dakotan’s don’t tell people they could leave the United States and become a country with the fifth largest economy in the world.

Leading the country in % of vaccine used. Kicking ass.

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Sounds to me like the article is saying that in general the system is well run but its not set up for an epidemic.

The health-care system in California is fraying because the state has tried to run its health system efficiently.

So are you saying that thanks to the Democrats having power that everything will be run more efficiently?

Also the State of California only owns 3% of the forested lands in the state.

I don’t know how you could take “efficiently” from that article. Their hospital system is failing spectacularly, in a manner which other states are not.

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Did you not read the article? I literally quoted from it. It’s failing because they were unprepared for a pandemic. So suck at once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, good the rest of the time.

The whole world besides China is being crushed by the pandemic, as far as I can see we are one of the only countries that have made the coronavirus a 100% political issue.

Most countries seem to be blaming China, which seems the logical place to start. What happens when covid part three four and five comes?

It’s bad to think that most epidemiologists don’t even think that this was the big bad pandemic that they were expecting. That the next one will be worse.

We seriously have to get our act together.


Why did they knowingly downsize medical facilities when their population had tripled in the latter half of the 20th century, especially since they encourage migrants? It’s the most densely populated state in the union and they clearly gave zero consideration to the possibility of a pandemic.

That’s what Bill Gates said as well this wasn’t the big one.

The political divide created by the two party system is pathetic and sad.

That in the article you posted. Despite population growth the hospital system is fine except in a once-in-a-lifetime epidemic. You’re acting like the hospitals are always overflow above capacity.

Yes, thats bad.

We’ll do what America does best and put out a box set with the whole collection and some added bonus features.

Because dems have no solutions… Lockdowns and burka face just make things worse.


You’re right, but this is true for any workplace. You employ the amount of people that you need 90% of the time. Get help or hire contractors in the rare events you’re understaffed.

However, lets say you’re able to do the job at half capacity. Can you now see how that might be a problem if and when that rare event takes place? You’ll be hit harder. Like the example given of 1.8 beds per 1000 people as opposed to the 4.8 from the other state.

So yeah, they run efficiently during normal times. But when most needed, during a rare pandemic, they’re the least prepared.

:rofl: That’s new. Plus 3 points.

…poop in the streets, homeless by the hundreds of thousands…cities harboring illegal aliens…it’s all working…perfectly…isn’t it…everyone should eat chocolate ice cream Nancy?

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It seems like if we do what Americans do best is start pointing fingers at each other when Sum Ting Wong decides that adding bat to the menu is worth the risk of infecting the world.

Don’t know if anyone else is following China media or forums but they literally don’t give a ■■■■ that this happened avoiding the blame, not letting inspectors near the markets much less the labs, and the people they interview are more of less “Bleh noting wong with bats, cats, rats, and dogs be gone American scum.