California Worlds 5th Largest Economy, surpassing UK

Jerry Brown has been a pretty good Governor, but he is too old to to run President. When 2020 comes along, I want to vote for somebody under 70 years of age for President.

You’re right, good governor but too old. I think Harris and Gavine will run.

Its getting there. Give it a little more time.

Speaking of CA politics…

Yeah it’s a one party state in terms of national politics.

Doubt it.

Californians may have some wacky beliefs at times but they are good at running an economy.

Not really. Their economy would be doing even better without the Draconian taxes and regulations.

Just a matter of time till it comes down around their ears. Lots of folks are leaving the state.

Folks are moving in to the state as well.

They aren’t going to collapse any time soon.

Like in Kansas and Oklahoma, for example?


Sorry. Th USA needs Cal more than Cal needs the USA

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China has a larger economy.

Xi Jinping 2020

er… maybe this “big economy” thing isn’t such a good measure of who should be President.

Are those moving in generating the same amount of taxable revenue as those who’ve left?

Yes, please do.

They aren’t Americans. More Americans are moving out

Jerry will be 82 in 2020. He already expressed interest in running for mayor of Oakland, a position he held in the past.

Who knows.

A lot of people move there for IT and engineering jobs. I’d assume they are well off.

They have a problem with illegal immigration. That’s one of those wacky beliefs I was talking about earlier.

But there are good job opportunities in some fields there.


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It is a beautiful place.

I agree that there are some good jobs but the cost of living sometimes counters the pay? What I was asking though was are those entering the state…generating or able to generate the tax revenue of those that have left?