California Worlds 5th Largest Economy, surpassing UK

Well I think its time the Dems officially put Govenor Jerry Brown on the ticket for President. Now that California is the 5th largest economy and they have Billions of dollars in surplus I believe its GO time!

Brown 2020.

And just wait until our multi billion dollar recreational Cannabis industry gets added into that figure.

The cannabis was awesome in California. Hope they get to legalize 'shrooms while they’re at it.

The weed in California is awesome and I imagine will become the worlds main supplier.

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I sure hope so. Even Missouri is poised for recreational cannabis within the next four years. We’ve got some catching up to do for once being one of the top manufacturers of hemp in the nation.

Unless the state does something to make it more attractive than other states you guys are going to be too late to the game to be a major player. Too many states are already totally embracing hemp and I’m not talking about California, Colorado & Oregon. I’m talking about states like Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma & *West Virginia.

*West Virginia has the loosest hemp laws in the country allowing 1% THC instead of .3% and are actively working with groups to turn the state’s countless abandoned coal mines into hemp farms

We have the Right to Farm in our Constitution. All we need is to be unshackled from a barbaric prohibition.

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Something we both agree on

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There’s probably a lot more we agree on these days too. lol

Yeah… Moonbeam should run in 2020…PLEASE!

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Stop growing Soybeans and change over into weed

Its actually a given. Think about it. His trysts with Rondstant. His cool 70’s era and he can beat Trump on his economic success.

Not a whole lot of soybean action going on here in central Missouri. It’s mostly cattle and grain, but the ditch weed (wild hemp from WW2) can still be found all over the place. I’d personally rather farm hemp than cannabis anyway. There is and always has been a global demand for it.

And hemp doesn’t have to compete with a black market unlike cannabis

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I believe he tried before and got no where. :rofl:

Yeah…and if he picks Hillary as his VP, it’s a sure thing. Do it, PLEASE!

Or Maxine Waters!

I believe there will be 2 Californians vying to be the Democratic nominee in 2020 but neither of will be named Brown.

That he did. Bold move. Drove around the country in a Toyota. Jimmy Carter beat him to go and win the election. Lost to Clinton in 92 who again, went on to win the Presidency.

CA is just like Venezuela!!!

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