California to pull the plug on the over budget behind schedule bullet train

New Governor (a dem) has announced he is killing the boondoggle of high speed rail (aka the bullet train) in California.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Tuesday he is pulling the plug on the state’s massive high-speed rail project from Los Angeles to San Francisco that was more than a decade behind schedule and billions in the red.

This is after California has sunk over 5 BILLION dollars into the project. Can you imagine how many bridges in California that would have replace? How many roads could have been rebuilt? How many other projects that would be of help the last 10 years that could have been funded?

And if you live in Califorina, hang on to your wallet:

According to the audit, the state risked having to pay back as much as $3.5 billion in federal funds.

“This audit is so damning that it basically says there is no path to completion and has now triggered a federal audit,” Assemblyman Jim Patterson, a Republican from Fresno who pushed for the audit, said.

Federal audit has been started to see if any of the three and a half billion dollars needs to be repaid!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey look another 3 billion for the wall!!!

Put away the pitchforks I’m just kidding. The money would go back into the federal transportation fund that can only – by law – fund transportation projects. But imagine what a couple billion dollars from Cali back into the program can fund.

I remember the debat back when California votes passed the bond to fund this. Many were worred about ridership – becaue the train would take longer than a plane ride, and would be more expensive than just jumping in a car and driving.

Someone needs to pass this along to Ocasio-Cortez who recently said we should build cross country high speed rain so we can eliminate air travel (or show her the numbers from Amtrack and how much it’s subsidized by the Federal Government every year.)

A private company has never lost $5billion.

If you don’t know the difference then I can’t help you.

Good, finally.

The difference is clear. When private business fails, oh its just free markets. If ventures fail in government, its a signature of government at large. How is USPS doing?

If USPS was under the same rules as fed ex, UPS, and other delivery services, they would be doing just fine.

Remember when trump lost $1billion in 1 year. Quite a feat considering high speed rail costs and motivation.

Why are you deflecting to others. Talk about the boondoggle. How well, with this example that’s been going on for 10 years with really no progress to show – will translate into cross country bullet trains that would need to hit every major city.

What are your thoughts on that? If you don’t have any I’m done. You can find someone else to try and take off track (pun intended).

I think it would be great. How much profit did we make off the Iraq war or the tax cuts? Not everything in life is about profit. How much $$$ profit do we make with every bomb we drop in the middle east? Public transportation should be a major goal in this century. We have the ability and resources to do it. Too bad we value war and gluttony of the upper class instead.

It’s ok with the Green New Deal there will be rail connecting all U.S. cities.

How fast does light rail go?

A lot faster than cars in heavy traffic jams. And with a lot less air pollution.

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fixed it yipes

So light rail from Salt Lake to Denver would be faster than hoping in a car and driving? Or jumping on a plane?

Why the deflection to Utah and Colorado when the thread’s about California?

This is one of the reasons why we elected Newsom, good job!

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Because the post I responded to said between US cities (in the green deal).

Try to keep up please.

You keep up. We’re talking here about California, are we not? The governor of California stopped a project within California. You’re trying to make it nationwide to make a political point that makes zero sense.

Nope. My op talks about Californa and a Dem congress woman who wants to have high speed rail between all cities and eleiminate air travel. Right in the op, it’s a dual purpose thread.

So I ask again, how long will it take to get from Salt lake to Denver by rail? How about LA to New York by rail? And more importatntly how much will it cost and how long will it take to build something like that based on the boondoggle in California?

Since you’re asking the questions, you must know the answer.