California- The Democrat Socialist State

Nonsense. The federal government can do a lot to improve the lives of vets.

California can’t?

There are 49 other states.

Since when is California responsible for the U.S. military?

Good point. Liberals don’t give a damn about the military or veterans.

That’s not true.

Many vets are Liberals.

That’s a lie. Got a link?

California isn’t a Democratic Socialist state. They participate in the same market economy the rest of the states do.

It’s not trending your way. I can’t believe you accused the LA Times of spin.

I’m looking at the state and national congressional delegations. Democrats have a supermajority in both. What voice do republicans have?

You’d think all this redistribution of wealth to the states of the Confederacy over years and years would at least have the effect of equalizing average credit scores among the states. Alas, it’s not to be.

There seems to be an average personal responsibility problem. Perhaps the continuing welfare from blue states is exacerbating the problem.

Veteran affairs are a federal responsibility no matter who is in charge of a particular state.

The same voice as the Democrats in, for example, Utah. Is this something you feel needs changing?

Nor, apparently, is Mountain Soldier aware of Trump’s personal leaker in the House, the Honorable Devin Nunes (and the under-indictment but still reelected Duncan Hunter, etc.).

Frustrated Californians on youtube make better campaign ads than Cal’s rep party.

I mean you have cholera in LA homeless camps. The most poverty of any state.

They couldn’t even build a train and wasted billions in failing…

Don’t feel bad, repugs/conservatives use the term all the time and they don’t know the meaning/definition either.

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but Democrat politicians love printing money, just like Obama did.

Democrat Politicians constantly preach about how Republican Politicians are nothing but the one percent, but anyone that knows anything about politics knows that they’re part of the exact one percent that they preach about. lol.

:rofl: :rofl: :joy: But that’s exactly what your lord and master Trump did when he gave that trillion dollar give-away to rich with his mega tax break. He printed the money. :rofl::rofl: