CALIFORNIA SCHEMIN’: City Becomes First in the Nation to Test UNIVERSAL INCOME | Sean Hannity

A California city is poised to become the first in the nation to issue its residents a free universal income; doling out $500 a month with the hopes if boosting a stagnant economy and failing housing market.

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Rob from the middle class and give to the poor.
This is NOT a Robinhood story.

I don’t think most of the recipients will be"working hard". What is wrong with the concept of working 2 jobs? I did, and guess what, I wasn’t poor anymore.

When those wo DO get up and go to work every day are finally fed up with having their earnings pillaged to support those who refuse to work, they will make personal decisions that get them out of this sick, progressive infested environment. When they’re not willing to be robbed of their earnings, they will leave or just quit and join the hapless leaches. Either way, as productive enterprise grinds to a halt and revenue drops below the minimum levels needed to sustain just the basic services, the system will be sick beyond the point of recovery and will collapse under its own stinking dead weight. Its demise is inevitable and these stupid policies and the idiots who promote them will have only themselves to blame.

I would like to hear where they are going to get the money to give away. They already are in the red because of all the assistance they are giving to illegal aliens, now they want to just hand over $500 a month to people not willing to go out and earn it. While their State is turning into a sewer politicians are giving more reason to leave. The people of California deserve every thing that happens to them because they keep electing these people to come up with these ridiculous ideas.

This coming from a city government that actually declared bankruptcy.
So, from where does the money come? The sky?
So homeowners in this city are now stuck because no one in their right mind wants to live in a semi desert town with a high crime rate, lots of homeless people no jobs and is falling apart.
The tax base will continue to shrink has home values continue to plummet.

Luckily, the experimental program won’t deplete the city’s coffers as it benefits from financial backing by wealthy Silicon Valley moguls. One of those backers is Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, whose the Economic Security Project contributed $1 million to the project.

And then when the backers pull out, or they decide to increase the number . . well the city has done it once before they can do it again.

The city also racked up millions in debt from expensive development projects that led to the city’s bankruptcy in 2012.