CALIFORNIA Red Wave growing

For weeks now CA has been seeing long Trump Parades–believe it or not…

Besides these Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Ojai and many other Places are having Trump Parades and rallys…
There are also Trump Parades in MEXICO. and Jerusalem and other countries.


I guess these people don’t have jobs.


it is quite the phenom. despite these people being gainly employed and significant contributors to society they still find time to help the cause


I’m sorry, what?

Not all jobs are first shift. Mine isn’t.

I’m surprised by how many pro Trump parades are taking place near me, & they’re generally between 1500 & 1700, when the day shift ends.


61% to 34% is not a red wave by any stretch of the imagination.


They are the bosses, small business owners and most of these CA parades have been on Weekends.

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California is in play!


The “coastal elitists” are actually Republicans?


Trust the plan.

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Quick, send the entire Trump team to California. Go Go Go!


Too funny. Some trumpsters really live in an alternative reality.

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I visited the Bay area a few weeks ago and the my observation is that people are living in fear that their opinions political opinions would become public, especially if they are Trump supporters. The only Trump signs I saw were written in chalk on the sidewalks, and even Biden signs were rare.

The probability of Trump supporters refusing to answer or giving misleading information to someone randomly calling on the phone is high. That is especially true in California given the dominance of hyper-woke elites and violent ANTIFA groups who have targeted Trump supporters for retribution.

If you doubt this, Scott Adams asked his followers if they have lied to pollsters in a tweet this morning. So far he as had over 900 replies, and a large fraction are saying that have already lied or given misleading information to pollsters.

Adams also speculates that there is the “biggest Dad joke” going on. Trump supporters are deliberately misleading pollsters because they are looking forward to another Democrat meltdown when the election results come in.


A bunch of unemployed, jobless marks of the grand con. The grift spotted these particular folks early, and now they are incapable of escaping the con due to their own hubris. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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If you have been unemployed as a result of Newsom’s lockdowns and/or BLM riots are you going to vote for Biden?


Purple California!


Trump will carry Modoc County and Lassen County in California.

The “red wave” will spread down the Sierra Nevada. Probably not very near the coast, but down the Sierra Nevada. :smile:

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Would be crazy to support Newsome.

Pelosi hair dresser turned on her.

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Yep, the Republicans might take California… by 2048 or so.

They would have to be a different type of Republican to take California.

Your proof these individuals are jobless is…?

And, even if it’s true, it couldn’t possibly be because of Draconian lockdowns, could it?