California Proposes banning home gas and oil furnaces by 2030

Can you say “overreaction”

article here

Well, they have a point about water heaters anyway. Heating up a big bucket of water in your basement, and then keeping it warm 24/7 is pretty inefficient.p

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such idiots. gawd


Wonder how much that’s gonna cost Californians? Well they want this so they better not bitch when they have to pay for it.

Poor be damned.

I have a tankless electric water heater. Works great.

Is it electric?

Yes, it is.


Tankless is amazing.

I believe most, if not all, new homes are built with tankless.

All electric home heat . . . mandated in teh state where rolling blackouts happen frequnetly. What could possibly go wrong?

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If only there was a way to generate more electricity.

Tankless electric water heaters all seem to have X amount of years leak-free. Personally, I’ve never had a leaky normal water heater.

For about the same price of this one, one can get a 50 gallon heater instead.

Good thing they tell people to stop charging their cars so people can cook dinner.

Year after year since 2003 the smartest minds in California try to come with ways to get electricity to California consumers despite California’s overzealous environmental laws
and year after year they fail.

I am sure this is the last year that every happens though. That will now magically be fixed, poof.

That is a good thing.

It’s just too bad things are stuck this way, and can never be improved.

For California…. Pretty much. They don’t want nuclear, and the environmentalists shut everything but wind and solar down. With all the bluster spewing from the radicals out there I don’t see how they couldn’t power the state with wind alone.

See? Things are hard, why even try?

It’s not as if a bill for new plants was recently signed or anything.

That’s weird. I thought a bill for new NG plants was just signed

Tankless water heaters have been available for many years. They come in both electric and natural gas. Gas is generally cheaper to operate than electric.

No one is stopping anyone from buying one.

17th time is the charm
This smart people that cassed the problem magically figured out how to do what they failed at 17 years in a row. . . . how long is the permitting process?

Does Nancy Pelosi support Joe Manchins permitting reform?