California Poised To Require Presidential Candidates Release Tax Returns Before Appearing On Ballot

This would be an interesting move. Trump couldn’t get on the California ballot without showing his tax returns.

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I think this is a good move. Wish more states would consider this.


Good move. Americans don’t want another con man/woman as president.

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It is a bad bill. Hopefully, Governor Newsom will veto it.

He can’t win California anyhow, why would he care?

My read is that it is unconstitutional.
Release of one’s tax returns is not a requirement of the office.
This measure bars eligable candidates from the ballot.
Not constitutional. (Supremacy and all that good constitutional stuff.)

Regardless of the wisdom of the measure, it won’t pass constitutional muster.


The constitution only defines the qualification for the job. It doesn’t define how states handle access to their ballots. Thus, why there aren’t any uniform procedures nationwide as to how 3rd party candidates get on the ballot.


And Trump will have an excuse on why he lost the popular vote in 2020. Governor Newsom needs to veto this bill.

Libertarians haven’t had a candidate on the ballot in all fifty states for over twenty years.

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I think CuomoNY and MurphyNJ are good bets.

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It would kill the down-ballot republicans.

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This’ll probably be litigated to death

Never happen.

Not gonna happen.

Wonder how the southern states keep Lincoln off the ballot.



I just talked to a friend of mine who is the GA legislature about the possibility of introducing something like this here. He kind of likes the idea, and is going to kick it around with some of his colleagues and see if he can get something like this introduced in GA next year. It’s too late for it to pass this year as the session has ended for the year.

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Better odds of Census asking about ones citizenship than requiring presidential candidates to release tax returns.

Takes a constitution amendment and not state legislation to change the qualifications that’s listed in the constitution.

Might be violation of voters rights acts in preventing voters their preference of the candidate they want to vote for.

Again, the constitution only mandates the position of the person holding the office of the president. It does not mandate how individual states manage candidate access to their ballots.


Heck… if the States wanted to they could assign electors to vote for whoever they want.

They are not Constitutionally bound to vote for the “will of the people”

States get to set their own ballot requirements. As pointed out before, Lincoln was not on the ballot in the Southern States.

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I agree. Releasing tax returns is tradition but not absolutely mandatory by law, and it shouldn’t be.