California paying off foreign nationals

This is so just bizarre. With hundreds of thousands of Californians losing everything, the governor has decided to turn money they have paid in taxes over to border crashers. But I certainly do not feel sorry for them. They voted for this. They voted to have a large percentage of their money taxed away and handed over to foreign nationals at the tune 500 bucks a pop. The 12 billion bucks could have helped a lot of Californians. But through their generosity, they have decided to give their hard earned cash to invaders instead. I think that California is only about 1.5 trillion dollars indebt, so they have plenty of cash. As a famous little girl once said. “Don’t you dare!” ask the rest of us to pay for your debacle. You made this mess. You deal with it.

The people who are getting the money are CA residents, many since childhood.
The people who are getting the money are spending that money in CA stores, paying CA sales taxes.

The people who are getting that money are as in as dire the straights as their citizen neighbors.
The state of CA is taking care of its residents, regardless of their citizenship or legal status.

The state of CA sees a person before it sees their race.


Wrong. Race is the first thing you notice. What the hell does any of this have to do with race? Why are you libs so freaking racially obsessed?

They are also foreign nationals. You forgot to mention that. They have no right to be here in the first place.


And in all this, CA is openly rewarding people who have broken the law.



Even with your qualifiers this is wrong with so many unemployed.

Not one penny of central government money.

Newsome just said he doesn’t need it.

Good for CA.

Illegal “residents”.

Right. How many people in California lost everything in the time it took me to write this message? But as I said, they voted for this crap.


CA isn’t rewarding anyone, its keeping people fed and in their homes.

Most of their homes are in different countries. California can do as it pleases. But they are going to demand that Ohio help them out. They created this hot mess by themselves. They need to fix it by themselves.

They should be kicking those here illigally out of the country, making sure there is a penalty for breaking the law. Instead, they reward them. Plain and simple.

But par for the course.

Shoplifting. No penalty for thefts under $1,000 dollars, so what happens. Shoplifting increases, leading to higher prices for everyone who follows the law – free stuff with no penalty for breaking the law.

Since Proposition 47 was passed, there has been an increase in theft across the state. Cities like San Francisco have seen organized crime rings turn shoplifting into a well-organized racket involving desperate thieves and unscrupulous black-market resellers.

Since passage increase in thefts state wide. No penalty, so they continue to do it.


Drug addicts, who are often homeless, need money for a fix so they walk into a store, steal merchandise, sell it for half the value and use the money they made to buy more drugs. Seymour added that the mayor and elected city officials have been spending too much time and money trying to coddle addicts and have done nothing to eliminate San Francisco’s drug problem.

Once again, no penalty for illegal drug use, so lets let them shoplift to fund their illegal behavior.

Words going to get out . . . . come illegally and california will give you free money!

Day before yesterday he said it was an ethical obligation or something.

Must have remembered if it was a country it would be the 4th largest GDP in the world.

The civil disobedience must be impacting his usually marginal judgement.

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I swear I just saw the statement in another thread that Federal law always trumps state law.

Maybe I missed the phrase ‘except when in comes to illegal immigration’ in teeny, tiny print. :wink:

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The math seems to be a little fuzzy here too. He’s going to write a check for 500 bucks to all the illegal invaders and only costs 75 million? I would bet the actual cost would be hundreds of millions. Or more.

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Very fuzzy math.

Yes it should. There is a federal law allowing those helping illegals to be charged federally. California Governor should be charded under the law, and any agency head who authrizes check/payments to them should as well.