California Oregon Washington Fires

While it is not directly political, this situation is horrible and will have political implications down the road. Many have been burned out of their homes and will need help to survive.

The firefighters and other responders are doing the best they can, but are being overwhelmed at times.

Everyone in this situation could use prayers and donations. I hope we can all set our petty squabbles aside and offer up both as appropriate.

One of the fires may have been started by human carelessness.

Thousands of people hurt by a lack of personal responsibility.

God bless the firefighters and Lord I pray you will help those in need.


This isnt even the first wildfire started by morons playing with fireworks at “gender reveal” parties.

The sky in San Francisco was dark orange at noon today.


8:15 AM today at my house in the Bay Area. 4 PM now and not much more light.

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Don’t take chances Ray. If they tell you to leave, go.


I remember reading a lot about this a few years back. This can be better managed in California.

This is California’s big secret: it’s not climate change that’s burning up the forests, killing people, and destroying hundreds of homes; it’s decades of environmental mismanagement that has created a tinderbox of unharvested timber, dead trees, and thick underbrush.

From what I read, managing the forests was a net gain not loss. It more than paid for itself.

I haven’t looked into the causes in Oregon yet.

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I will. My wife’s older brother lives in Medford OR which is under evacuation orders.

His grandkids came to get him to safety in the middle of the night.

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We have a slight yellow haze here in Seattle area…it’s when winds shift from the east during fire season. Sometimes it rains ashes when fires get so big.

My FB feed is looking grim. Some family is pretty close in Oregon, Washington folks doing ok so far. Pictures I’m seeing are surreal, like a sunset on Mars or something. I went through multiple fires in San Diego and this looks worse than anything like that aside from lower population density.


We just had a member here that had to evacuate from her home just few days ago due to wild fire.

Yup. Had to wash ash off my windshield to go run an errand around 7 AM.

Haven’t been back outside since. No urgent reason to go back out in the smoke.

Above Eugene, OR, one of many places I’ve lived in the Pac NW.

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It’s pretty freaky. In more than 60 years living in the Bay Area I’ve never seen this before.

Nature can be both beautiful and cruel.

I’d imagine many throughout the millennia have thought they could tame it.

Several of my wife’s family live in or around Medford. Two big fires going on there … the first burning northward thru Talent and Phoenix along 99 and I5 and the second headed southwest toward Eagle Point on the Crater Lake Hwy. And we just got word of another fire on Table Rock road just north of Central Point.


I live in the Bay Area, and have never seen a sky that looks like this. The light looks … alien, for lack of a better word - a deep red sun, when you can see it, and overcast yellowish gray sky.

Because the smoke is so high in the atmosphere, however, the air quality at ground level actually isn’t that bad.


Same here, a number of in-laws in the Rogue Valley area have had to evacuate.

Be careful, Ray!

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Prayers for your family’s safety.

Prayers for them as well. I hope they get out of there quickly and safely.