California Issues Stage 2 EMERGENCY Over Power Failures, Democrats Power Monopoly Is Destorying CA

Meanwhile Joe Biden this year had just endorsed many of the similar green new deal polices and planning for his admin with the similar ones that we are witnessing in Calif.


Your source is a YouTuber, I’m not going to watch it. What do you want to discuss?

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Record setting heat has a lot to do with it too. San Fernando valley hit 122° in parts yesterday.

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A lot of people with money leaving because of proposed tax increase and it looks like they are trying to pass a law that would allow them to tax these former California residents on their income while in California for the next 10 years. Which will obviously get slapped down by a judge.

It’s sad I actually like what California was. It has always been left of center for the past few decades but they are way to the left now.

PG&E is the primary supplier in CA, and the largest in the country.

They are a for profit, publicly traded company. And, yes…nearly a monopoly. Democrats have suggested either breaking them up, or possibly becoming a non-profit.

But…they have yet to do so.


That’s too bad it’s for-profit.

Mixture of heat, bad information and bad planning.

Counting power plants that had been torn down as part of your reserve? Holy ■■■■ that’s bad.

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California, Nevada and Arizona here has had a very hot and dry summer. Phoenix has had over 50 days of 110+ temperatures and Las Vegas has now gone with 140 days without any measurable rain. Climate change is happening.

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A lot of the city wealthy are moving out of LA county and into my area for obvious reasons. The price of homes here is climbing quickly. Two close families have taken advantage, sold their homes, and moved to Texas & Atlanta.

The state is in a bit of a mess but I still love it here.

Well…they just got stung for causing the Paradise fire of 2018.

On the hook for 30 billion.

The lesson here is to move to alternative energy in a more pragmatic and redundant process.

This did not have to happen.

Poor planning.

…which they passed 60% of onto ratepayers

I read california might have staged power outages because of the heat they are experiencing. Maybe pelosi should rethink getting her hair done.

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A lot of the shortage is coming from NG plants that can’t run at full capacity because the weather is too hot.

A predictable and preventable issue.

Green PR left the system under capacity for a predictable weather and demand season.

I don’t expect them to change priority.


The hottest temperatures in California history were preventable?

This is not predictable weather and demand season. We’re experiencing the hottest temperatures in recorded history during the busiest weekend of the entire summer

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I used to love it, got way to overcrowded imho among other issues. Especially L.A.

I am sure CNN and MSNBC are better sources right? By the way Tim Pool is always using his sources in his videos. Maybe you should try watching before avoiding or ignoring it. Tim Pool used a local source in his video. Which you can google it.

I am not surprised? the prices of homes is because of the democrats rising taxes onto people. I had seen the price listing for apartment rental they are ridicules.

A lot of the city wealthy are moving out of LA county

Middle class families should be moving out as well i think i dont think this state can be helped. Look at the recent laws that they passed from crazy new green deals and among others. Its no wonder its a mess but this what happens when you allow a single party to rule a state for 20+ years or so without opposition.

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Completely predictable.

Always design for such a circumstance.

Peak temperature…peak demand…add 10% for system backup.

Poor planning…no excuse.

122 in Death Valley is not so unusual.

Wildfires are also seasonal. Wet spring grows fuel for late summer fires.

Large swaths of CA are semi desert. Power and water need managed that way.