California defies Trump to ban pesticide linked to childhood brain damage

" Activists have accused the Trump administration of backing the interests of DowDuPont, a chlorpyrifos manufacturer whose predecessor donated to the president.

The US banned chlorpyrifos for residential use back in 2001. An expert panel of toxicologists last year recommended a ban on all organophosphates, the class of pesticides that includes chlorpyrifos."

But don’t worry. Trump’s EPA is gonna make this chemical legal in every other state. So if you have children or a pregnant wife then the brain damage is easier to get in those States.

It’s always money above everything with this president.

We always lead the way.


California has its own toxic environment, more dangerous to the brain then any pesticide, it’s called LIBERALISM!


Don’t worry, we won’t miss you. :sunglasses::palm_tree::surfing_man::sunny::sun_with_face:

There are a ton of environmental poisons that the other 49 States have to worry about that California doesn’t. That has to be somewhat comforting to parents

I totally glad the Michigan Republican Party passes a “no stricter than federal” law in the lame duck. Way to go protecting your citizens…

Is brain cancer for kids that’s link to a certain chemical really all that bad to politicians like Trump? I mean companies are making money off of it. Isn’t that the important part?

I guarantee that some Republican children will be affected.

We have a running joke in SW Florida.

“It only causes cancer in California”

That said, I take chemical pollution very seriously and support California in this particular case.

Same thing in my state.

I always joke and tell people to put the product on their kids. Nobody ever does it.

What does pooping on the street cause in children?

Why doesn’t California just ban it in California?

Ah but they do…………………….

And we have so many cases of childhood cancer that doctors can’t explain where it came from.

Want to see the horrible effects of this pesticide? Go to a Trump rally.


MAGAt rallies should pass out bottles of trump epa approved “Mining waste” infused water.


Up 27% since 1975.

It is now 15.3 per 100,000 children per year or about 1 in 300 children getting cancer from birth to adulthood.

That would mean it was in 1975 about 12.5 per hundred thousand per year and 1 in 400 from birth to adulthood.

Rough numbers, but from 1 in 400 in 1975 to 1 in 300 currently, from birth to adulthood. That’s a lot of sick kids. I would be absolutely floored if chemicals have nothing to do with that.

Fun stuff isn’t it?

People are exposed to low levels of pesticides every day. You can be exposed to pesticides in a variety of places including your home, at school, or at work. Pesticides can get inside your body from eating, drinking, breathing them in, and by skin contact.

Different pesticides affect human health in different ways. A wide range of health effects, acute and chronic, are associated with exposures to some pesticides. For example, some pesticides may affect the nervous system, while others may irritate the skin or eyes. Some pesticides may cause cancer and others may affect the endocrine system. The health risks from pesticide exposure depend on the toxicity of the pesticides, the amount a person is exposed to, and the duration and the route of exposure. Evidence suggests that children are at greater risk of illness or injury from exposure to pesticides in general, including effects on brain development.

You may be on to something there.

They are the largest agricultural state by a factor of two over Texas the second largest producer.

And people laugh at those who only eat USDA organic…

At least the red ones.