California Crying Like Babies For Emergency Declaration

Gavin Newsom is begging Trump like a coward to declare an emergency declaration for the earthquake(s) that are happening in Southern California.

Why exactly should Trump give even the tiniest ■■■■ about what happens to those people. They didn’t vote for him and they look to stab him in the back every chance they get. Here is what I declare if I’m Trump:

“I declare there is an emergency in California. A crisis of leadership. Even though they are overrun with illegal aliens and continue to vote against Republicans, they are now begging the Republican leadership for help with their little earthquake. If California really knows best, I count on them to figure it out for themselves. If they are still having trouble in 2021, we can revisit it after the election. But for now, they will have to figure it out themselves”

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Because they are Americans. I care. They need help, they get it.


Are they? It’s basically 75% illegals there.

The other 25% (not true) get what they need.

95%. The other 5% are America-hating enablers of the 95%.

The military needs to storm that state and restore decency through martial law.

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Looks like God might take care of it.

God always does in the end. Another good shake or two, and decent folk can take over California’s resources.

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We should just kick California out of the country. We could then split Montana into two states so that the number stays at 50 states total. I don’t think anybody would cry about those libs being removed from our great country like a cancer.

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Where are the libs defending the cry for federal monies from a people who refuse to support Donald and therefore America? Cat got your tongue, libs?

This is why the left must never ever regain power.

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You know if they would just sweep the faults clean every once and a while this wouldn’t happen.


Well they are people even if they are way out there. Gotta help the ones who need help.

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Low info voters crying like babies because Trump may comply with a reasonable request.

Sorry. Blackwolf and Calirep took your spot while you were gone.


What do you mean “took your spot”?

As poes

His role playing spot.

As Patriots of Donald!

The opposite game is always interesting.

Whatever happen to personal responsibility?

If it’s little AOC and her parents fault for threats and intimidation then it’s Californians fault for the shake rattle and roll.

Gavin Newsome is an American Patriot, just like Carmen Cruz! If Puerto Rico got $91billion, California should get 46 times that based on size alone! There is an 11% chance another big earthquake will hit California and Trump’s fema response has been abysmal! He should be doing everything he can to cut that percentage to less than 1% but he’s too busy getting spray tans and giving tax breaks to 1%ers!!


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