CALIFORNIA CHAOS: San Fran Residents Describe ‘Developing-World Squalor’ Throughout City

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Residents of San Francisco continued their struggle against rising crime and rampant drug-use this week; describing ‘developing-world squalor’ throughout the city with “open-air narcotics markets.”

According to WRAL, locals and city officials are demanding the San Francisco government clampdown on the “mentally-ill homeless population” that some describe as “the land of the living dead.”

“It is a scene of detritus that might bring to mind any variety of developing-world squalor. But this is San Francisco, the capital of the nation’s technology industry, where a single span of Hyde Street hosts an open-air narcotics market by day and at night is occupied by the unsheltered and drug-addled slumped on the sidewalk,” writes WRAL.

“It’s like the land of the living dead,” said one resident. “We are the most advanced country in the world and that’s what people are having to live with here.”

“It’s almost impossible to get convicted in this city,” added a worker in the Police Department’s narcotics division. “The message needs to be sent that it’s not OK to be selling drugs. It’s not allowed anywhere else. Where else can you walk up to someone you don’t know and purchase crack and heroin? Is there such a place?”

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Libs created the condition that they’re now living in…they should be proud.

But rest of the country wants nothing to do with em.