CALIFORNIA CHAOS: San Fran Residents Describe ‘Developing-World Squalor’ Throughout City | Sean Hannity

Residents of San Francisco continued their struggle against rising crime and rampant drug-use this week; describing ‘developing-world squalor’ throughout the city with “open-air narcotics markets.”

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Anyone watching the actions of leaders in San Francisco over the last 50 years or so could see this coming. And San Francisco is just one of the most visible signs of the rot overtaking the entire state. What is unfortunate is they say discontented residents have been spreading the rot like a contagious disease. They didn’t like the results they got in California so they moved up to Oregon and Washington and proceeded to destroy things up there. Then they saw how much better conditions were in Colorado so they moved to Denver, then went about making it just like the cesspit in California. We should just quarantine the entire left coast as if they have Ebola or smallpox. Let them deal with the problems they created themselves.