CALIFORNIA CHAOS: Local School’s Mural Depicts TRUMP’S Severed Head | Sean Hannity

A publicly-funded local school in Chula Vista, California came under fire this week after residents notified police that a mural on the side of the building depicted the President’s severed head.

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What hath Libs wrought?

“Libs”? Don’t you mean “Trump”? Maybe if he didn’t call Mexicans rapists he woudn’t inspire such art.

provide the ENTIRE quote.

At least the Aztecs as a death cult is depicted accurately. Probably the biggest death cult in history until the socialists kill 100 million in their re-education and work camps.

It’s right up there.

So you are saying Mexicans never rape.

Ummm… you are wrong.

Would you please stop using a bunch of capital letters?


I didn’t say that.

well considering that trump specifically said that not all illegal Mexicans are rapists, what on earth are you whining about?

His implication was that many were. I don’t understand why you want to stand up for such a ■■■■■■ human.

lesser of two evils.