CALIFORNIA CHAOS: Governor Unveils New Plan to ‘TAX DRINKING WATER’ | Sean Hannity

Liberal California Governor Jerry Brown offered a unique solution to solve his state’s crumbling infrastructure this week, unveiling his plan to “tax drinking water” on residents and businesses to help finance new infrastructure projects.

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What a stupid idea. Dems tax everything. No wonder Cal is the poverty capital of the US when cost of living is a criteria.

If you are concerned about poverty then isn’t this proposal good? Obviously if drinking water is unsafe then it needs to be fixed. A state wide tax would distribute the burden of the costs on a much larger population vs those just those in rural areas which I assume have on average lower incomes.

Moon Beam used infrastructure money to pay for illegal immigrants and didn’t have the money necessary to cover the repairs to dams in the state. When one of those dams failed, the cat was out of the bag revealing the misuse of infrastructure money. Moon Beam begged the Trump (not-his-president) for Federal money to help pay for the dam problems.
There’s no guarantee he’ll use drinking water tax money for anything related to water quality. He’ll find a way to divert it to sanctuary cities and helping illegals.

Cal is not under taxed.

Then they should write the law so that he can’t misspend it. Besides he’s about to leave office anyway.

I’m painfully aware, what’s your point?

That rising taxes is not the answer. Thus making it less painful is not helpful.

Taxes don’t work that way. Reappropriating taxes isn’t like just flipping a switch.

Oh for the love of ■■■■■ People NEED drinking water. It isn’t a want. It is a need. People cannot go three days without clean drinking water. This is just going to make everyone more impoverished, more malnourished. Instead, why not change some policies and stop letting greedy politicians be so…greedy. It’s disgusting that they are sacrificing the citizens to fix their screw-ups.

I think this is just as bad as the Flint, Michigan case. The only difference is, is Flint is neglect instead of abuse. (They still don’t have any clean drinking water, and the “abuse” in Cali comes from the government trying to make profit on something that is not theirs, and making the citizens the scapegoat.) This is simply disgusting.

*Please pardon my foul language, my right leg hurts like a *****, I had an allergic reaction to the iodine soap they used on me before the operation, and there are some other things going on. It angers me that people can be so neglectful and abusive to achieve their own selfish endeavors.

Eldorado County Irrigation District all ready charges people a fee for upgrading our pipes, and it increases for several years. We do not need another tax in Eldorado County to pay for the State.