CALIFORNIA CHAOS: Activists Split on How, Where to Divide the State

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Just weeks after West Coast activists successfully fought to have a measure on this fall’s ballot on whether to divide California into smaller states, the bill’s proponents are struggling to settle on exactly where and how to carve up the Golden State.

The movement is now split along party lines, with leading Democrats urging each new state to contain at least one major urban area; all but ensuring strong liberal support in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

GOP activists are calling on the state to be divided along rural and urban lines, with one section containing the coastline’s major metropolitan areas and two additional, rural states towards the north and interior.

“With Draper, he makes sure every area has an urbanized zone that will ultimately be blue. You still have the rural-urban thing going on in his formula,” said a GOP supporter. “The rural people will be shafted again.”

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Not going to happen. Something like this would be years in the making.

For years, there have been people advocating to do this in New Jersey. NJ is really two states, the northern part, a large section of which is a bedroom community for NYC, housing upscale areas like Princeton and Alpine, and universities like Princeton and Rutgers, and the southern part that is more blue collar - agricultural, tourism in its beach communities.

We used to live in California, and it really is three states - North, Central and South.