CALIFORNIA CATASTROPHE: Death Toll Hits 42, Hundreds Missing as Wildfires Rage

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California’s raging wildfires passed a grim milestone Tuesday with 42 people confirmed dead and hundreds remaining missing as first responders continued their struggle to contain the escalating crisis.

“As the fires continued to rage at both ends of the Golden State the death toll around the incinerated northern town of Paradise rose to 42 on Monday night, making it the deadliest wildfire in the state’s history. Two more dead have perished near Malibu in the south of the state,” writes Yahoo News.

The fires are now the deadliest in California history.

Thousands of firefighters continue to battle the blaze Tuesday morning with at least 200 people unaccounted for across the state.

"I’m breathing in the hottest air I’ve ever been in. My throat is bloodied, I’m about to hit the ground but the bottom of my shoes were melting,” said a local nurse. "I put my hand out in front of me and prayed to God, 'Please, don’t let me die like this.’”

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