CALIFORNIA CATASTROPHE: At Least 66 Dead, 600+ MISSING as Wildfires Rage

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The historic wildfires ravaging northern and southern California claimed their 66th official victim Friday, with state officials confirming at least 600 people remain missing as first responders struggle to reach survivors.

“The number of people missing in California’s wildfires has soared to over 600, and the death toll has risen to 66. In the Camp Fire in Northern California, 631 people were unaccounted for after officials on Thursday added more than 500 names of people reported missing,” writes CBS News.

Thousands of people are homeless and living in “tent cities” across the state waiting to return to towns and communities under mandatory evacuation orders; prompting FEMA to set up relief centers throughout the region.

“I lost everything that I received from my mom, from my grandparents from the baby grand piano to china,” said one resident. “I lost my wedding album. I lost my children’s baby albums.”

“I’m trying to stay strong as possible for my family and my friends. And I’m trying to look at everything as positive as I can in these types of situations," added another.

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