California Bans Singing in Church

However screaming obscenities at the police is just peachy.

" California has banned singing in places of worship in the latest COVID-19 pandemic-related restriction. California’s Department of Health issued an order Wednesday that temporarily prohibits worshipers from singing and chanting in a church, synagogue, or mosque."

I’d say that CA was turning into a 3rd world ■■■■ hole, but that would be unfair to 3rd world ■■■■ holes.


Makes sense since singing greatly spreads air droplets :droplet: Indoors especially not good.


its non enforceable its more of a suggestion.

It won’t hold up. You can’t single out religious institutions.

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It would also be unfair to any semblance of an intelligent comparison. The world’s fifth largest economy, in a single state. Nailed it.


What part of “…California Dept of Health issued an order” do you not understand?

And I have no doubt that the good little citizens of CA will be encouraged to narc on churches disobeying the order

Yeah, good luck with that. That’ll get struck down pretty quickly.

I don’t think CA is turning into a 3rd world ■■■■ hole. It’s going to take awhile before it looks like the gulf coast.


1800 report lines again?

living life has risk

They need to tell the state to bug off and sing anyway.


The leading state in the nation is a ■■■■■■■■■

You obviously have forgotten Alabama and Mississippi, now there are real ■■■■■■■■■■


They need to slow down herd immunity!

At least till after the election.

You can suggest any damn thing you want in Canada. This is the United States and the government has ZERO authority to even suggest how people worship.


Geez, and they say liberals are the whiny ones.

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So you skydive without a parachute?

You take common sense precautions when it comes to your safety, right?

It’s not YOLO.


How does one spread droplets if wearing a mask?

When were we last there?

Maybe at this rate sermons will go through a state entity for approval or editing.

Really, I haven’t set foot in a place of worship in years. But others should have the freedom to do so & worship as they wish if it isn’t hurtful to anyone.

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Hey, don’t forget the overruling of this prosecution!

Michigan Judge Dismisses Charges in Historic FGM Case.

But singing is likely to be the end of the world. The country has been turned over to individuals who belong in an asylum for the criminally insane.

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