Bye bye Boebert (redistricting)

One of the few times I voted Republican was when my candidate of choice for Rep. was in a diner, seated right behind me. After being rude to the waitress, he came out with the old “do you know who I am” crap. I couldn’t vote for him. He won anyway, and ended up serving 5 terms, none of which got my vote,

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Not that I could vote for her, because she is in another state, but I’d give the lame doofus another chance, for more entertainment, she may bring. She could end up a whole new Kamala.

I would vote for her over the antisemitic/anti-ameican members of the squad for example.

Those (c) who think they have some sort or moral “high ground” here actually support those turds. :roll_eyes:

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Interesting “the squad” is bought up. In other threads we see you and others complaining everytime Trump is introduced as whataboutism.

Looks like everyone here indulges in it.


I was, and I didn’t agree with that either. I also don’t think they should be picketing the homes of justices.


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I just saw a better view of what took place and it was much worse than “inappropriate”. Her behavior was despicable and when the mask came off, I saw a tramp.



Did you notice how many ugly lib women there were out there in the wild talking trash about another chick getting more action than they’re ever gonna get? :thinking:



No “u”

No, you are.


What was she vaping, do you suppose? Being Colorado and all?

Wonder if the same posters that came after me because I made a crude comment about Boebert will take issue with your meme. I suspect not.

However it is one of your funnier ones.

Just shows one can still abide by a dress code and be classless (Boebert not you) .

Ha! Fantastic.