By The Numbers: 2018

What can I say? I love numbers. It’s 30 days after 2018’s election. I think this entire article is interesting, so I thought I’d share.

That’s a lot of money to spend to barely lose to Ted Cruz. I already wasn’t sold on Beto so this really doesn’t help my confidence that he can win.

I feel this is good for Democracy. Congress being more representative of Real America is a good thing. Honestly, that median net worth could come down even further IMO.

I put these together, but they make me feel differently. I’m not sure how I feel about the $155,000 figure. If I split the number evenly that’s $7045 each. On the other hand, I don’t have as much of a problem with the money spent on childcare. I’m glad that expenses like that can be deducted because it allows a more diverse group of people, women with small children, to represent us in Congress. If i’m being fair, both things are related because being able to afford to run for office shouldn’t be a disqualifier in an ideal world. We don’t ONLY want rich people to decide how government functions.

This is in the catagory of things that make my eyebrow go up inadvertently. I’m really bad at poker.

I guess the FEC isn’t Donald Trump’s biggest priority. Maybe he doesn’t know it exists. Why hasn’t Mitch given this Trainor guy a hearing? I thought Republicans controlled the Senate.

I’m glad we have people on the job who… oh wait.

There’s more numbers in the link. We can discuss any of those too, but I only wanted to insert the numbers I immediately had something to say about. Does anything in the article stand out to anyone else?

Numbers are so cool.


Candidates paying themselves salaries out of campaign funds is one of those things that sounds shady, but it’s also the only way you are going to get more normal people in Congress. Most folks aren’t the idle rich who can afford to make running for office a full time job while they just live off of their wealth.

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That’s how I feel. On the surface I don’t like it, but if I think about it it kind of makes sense, assuming it’s not outrageous. Luckily there are people who investigate that sort of thing.

$3,600 for childcare. That’s expensive.

While traveling? You can’t just hire a nice little old lady in a strange town you’ve never been to. Doesn’t sound high at all to me.

I would love to see Congress do the following:

Pay for their own health insurance
Not be provided a government-issued vehicle.
Pay for their own travel expenses.
Get paid based on what they accomplish.

I wonder how much money Nancy Pelosi spent on her vacation, while Trump was
at the White house for Christmas?

I wonder how much money per day it would cost to feed the refugees that Nancy
and the Democratic Party supposedly care sooo much about?

I bet you that with the money from her vacation in total, that you could pay for clean food,
water, and everything that they refugees would need for over a week. The type of
vacations Nancy probably takes are 20 thousand dollars a night.

The Democratic Party said it was all about the children? I guess it’s really
just all about them?