Buttigieg surges in Iowa- opinions of him

who knew that being octolinugual (is there such a word) was such an advantage. Besides English he is fluent in 7 languages.

okay what does the forum think about him.


He is a very intelligent guy. Listened to him on a podcast a few weeks ago and was impressed with what I heard. Does a mayor have a fairly uphill battle to be considered a contender for a Presidential nomination…especially someone who isn’t even 40 yet? Definitely.

I am already picturing the right wing attack ads against him for being openly gay.

I can see it now. debate with Trump.

How did you military service shape you vision of America.

Trump: I had a bone spur disqualification.

Buttigieg: My deployment to Afghanistan in 2014 was eye opening I am still a member of the naval reserve.


Anti family communist? Seems very on brand for Dims.

He’s in the naval reserves. yes very on brand.


Intelligent, polyglot, military service. Sounds interesting, will have to see what his policy positions are.

Of course I can see the initial tweets from Donald: “heh heh - you said BUTT.”

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He’s a Rhodes scholar and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard.

who cares if he’s gay. the people who wont vote for him because of it is not his base.

its like Obama being black.


I don’t.

I am just imaging the “family values” crowd that has spent the past few years in hiding making a resurgence to peddle their ugliness.

So, what are his policy positions? I don’t see anything on his Wikipedia page. Does anyone have a link to his previous policy positions?

Count on it.

“Sure, Donald’s an adulterer and unrepentant ■■■■■ grabber, but by gar he ain’t a pervert!”

He’s highly educated, intelligent, and gay? Stick a fork in him, he’s already done. That just screams “liberal anti-American Socialist Progressive Democrat baby-killing degenerate out to destroy America, Christianity, and masculinity” to the denizens of Trumplandia. Donald and the CEC will whip his base into a froth over it, and any substantive talk of policy will be lost like a whisper in a hurricane.


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CEC will disparage any democratic party member who wants to run for President, its what they do. why is Buttigieg any different?


He hits three of their main trigger points, and he’s got a funny name Donald can play with.

Which isn’t to say you aren’t right - they’ll go after the nominee regardless of who they are.

The dude fluently speaks eight ■■■■■■■ languages and fat donald can’t even correctly speak his native one.

As a Hoosier, Id love to see Pete run for Governor first. Hoosiers could use someone like him to bring State Government out of the 1950s.

Certainly would be a change of pace. That’s eight more than Trump is fluent in.

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