Buttigieg and Sanders rises in polls, Biden falls

Two polls came out today. One from NH and the other from Iowa. Both great news for Pete Buttigieg.

Iowa poll via Gravis:

  1. Biden and Sanders - 19%
  2. Buttigieg - 14%
  3. Warren and Harris - 6%
  4. O’Rourke - 5%
  5. Booker and Klobuchar - 4%
  6. John Delaney - 2%
  7. Yang and Gillibrand - 1%

Since the last Iowa poll: Biden -8%, Sanders +3%, Buttigieg +5%, Harris, O’Rourke, and Warren down by 1%.

NH poll via UNH:

  1. Sanders - 30% (Up 14% since last poll)
  2. Biden - 18% (down 5%)
  3. Buttigieg - 15% (up 4%)
  4. Warren - 5% (down 4%)
  5. Harris - 4% (down 3%)
  6. O’Rourke and Booker - 3% (down 3% for O’Rourke, down 1% for Booker)
  7. Klobuchar, Ryan, and Yang - 2%
  8. Gilliband and Gabbard - 1%

Obviously it’s still too early to call, but it looks like Buttigieg is now in 1st tier category.

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I’d be interested in seeing the National polls, cause I don’t know what the numbers in these local polls were. I expect Biden to get a bump when he actually announces. Most likely Mr. Butti is making O’Rourke go down. Surprised that Harris is not doing better at this point.

Who will it be? Who will face Trump and get their butt stomped next November? Hmmmmmmm…:sunglasses:

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Democrats must love their old white guys.

National Poll Monmouth Biden up by 7.


27% @ JoeBiden (28% in March)
20% @ BernieSanders (25%)
8% @ PeteButtigieg (<1%)
8% @ KamalaHarris (10%)
6% @ EWarren (8%)
4% @ BetoORourke (6%)
2% @ CoryBooker (5%)
2% @ Hickenlooper (1%)

So in the National Poll Biden is still up, though everybody except for Pete B is down, however, the total only adds up to 77% according to my math off the top of my head, which might be wrong. So given these choices about 23% haven’t decided. So the other old white guy is up, though the star on the rise is the younger homosexual Pete B, though technically even he is about 20% behind Biden here. Looks like everybody lost a couple of points, Sanders lost the most points, 5.

Looks like the National Poll has Biden up by 7, Pete B went from less than 1 percent to 8 percent. Sanders went down by 5.

You voted for an old white guy.

Pete’s rise has been impressive.

Trump was close to dead last at this point. I just don’t think these polls really tell us anything yet.

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Thats what she said…

Yeah, I see Pete continuing to rise but who knows still too early

We did. But we don’t care. Y’all are the ones obsessed by the group your candidate belongs to. That’s not a conservative priority.

It’s true, you’re not obsessed by it. In fact, you never give it a second thought. You just pick the oldest, whitest guy you know. All other conditions, like temperament, fitness, or integrity, take a backseat.

wonder if Petie thinks terrorists in prison should be able to vote

like the other leftist maniacs, sanders and harris

Nope. Who told you that? Nobody. That’ s who. You completely made that up. If you actually ask a conservative why he voted for someone, you will get a totally different answer to the one that you chose. May I suggest you try it? I’m right here. Have a try.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And yet, the Republican nominee is ALWAYS an old white guy. But sure, that doesn’t play into the selection at all.

Spoken just like you would expect from a party with less than 5% female representation In congress.

National Polls mean absolutely nothing. Iowa and NH polls essentially weed out most of the candidates. When you fail to crack the top 3 in either of those states, you’re essentially dead. The donors flood to the candidates who placed in the top 3. It’s really critical you start off on the right foot. After Iowa and NH, people’s 1st choices turn into 2nd choices and sometimes 3rd choices.

It’s nothing more than an indicator of how bad the rest of the field actually is…amirite? :sunglasses:

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How in the world does it indicate that?

Buttigieg is a highly intelligent guy, with a military background and executive experience as a Mayor of a famous city.

Most Democratic voters are not lefties, and appreciate his moderation, and the fact he’s an openly religious guy.

Eh, you guys managed to have a turd rise above the cream so I don’t know how much relativism matters.

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