But we can't afford to pay for it

Carl Quintanilla
WASHINGTON, Feb 22 (Reuters) - U.S. Department of Agriculture has paid out $7.7 billion so far to farmers, William Northey, Undersecretary for Farm Production and Conservation, said on Friday, in aid designed to offset the negative impact of tariff imposition.

8:36 AM - Feb 22, 2019

For all those who look at proposals from the Democrats and trot out “but we can’t afford to pay for it.” $7 Billion so far in subsidies for farmers to compensate for the impact of Trump’s Trade War.

And are we close to a deal with China? No.

Donald Trump took us into this with the statement that “trade wars are easy to win.” Can anyone cite an example of a trade war that was won? The finance professors I studied under were all very clear that no party ever wins a trade war.

This is a $7B and counting BRIBE to maintain Trump’s support in farm country; nothing more or less.

Where’s the budget offset? Where’s the outrage? But anything to help working mothers, student loan holders and we hear nothing but SOCIALISM! WE CAN’T AFFORD IT! and so on.

There are conservative deficit spenders and liberal deficit spenders but there are no fiscal conservatives today, if there ever were ones in the past.


Spot on.

When a reporter asked Trump if he’s postpone the tariffs on China he said something like…

“You are asking the wrong guy, I like tariffs.”

Dems should be happy, he’s raising taxes…

Lol. Should Dems be happy or should you be calling him out on it?

Oh wait, I forgot you aren’t allowed to do that.

Failed trade wars and big gov subsidies are kewl!!!

I was for trade with China thinking it would make them more democratic. It didn’t… I’ve learned. And we have the best market in the world, why not charge for access.

Wrong. Trump is raising regressive taxes. Democrats are not happy. Republicans like regressive taxes because they favor the wealthy.

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This is NBD with Trump in the WH for the CEC.

Deficits will magically matter as soon as a Democrat is POTUS. But until then, trillions for the rich and payouts to placate middle America!!


As time would continue on, had not Trump been elected and decided to fight China’s corrupt trade practices, all would look back to today from some future time and understand, “we” couldn’t afford not to pay for it.

We will be lucky to get back to where we started before all of this.

millions of tons of product is rotting in storage right now because of this trade war, and guess who is taking over that market? Russia.

We had an excellent plan in hand to combat Chinese trade practices – the TPP. I remember in a debate when Trump said China was the primary benefit of TPP and I thought, “Oh no, he has no idea what TPP is about” since China was excluded from TPP. When Trump withdrew from TPP, he hugely hurt America’s position in Asia.

You may enjoy your notion that Trump is “fighting China” but I renew my question that has gone unanswered. Can you provide ONE example of a trade war that benefitted a country?

As Sun Tzu pointed out (and the Chinese pay attention to this), a foolish general starts a battle and then looks for victory. You are going into combat under the command of a foolish general. The Chinese know who is going to win.

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