But Her Emails - Ivanka Edition

It’s always projection with these people. Wonder how quickly Michael Flynn will declare that he’d be in jail if he did what Ivanka did.


Can’t wait till January, ■■■■ is gonna hit the fan when the new house goes in session.

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Republicans don’t care.

Lock her up?


Crooked Ivanka?


“many of them in violation of federal records rules”


Good times. Good times.

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Again most Trump supporters only care about one thing and they’re not allowed to say it in public so every other “cause” of theirs is a lie.


i agree that there seems to be only one real issue that many Trump voters care about. and this ain’t it.

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wonder if the Trump admin will now agree that no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute after all. Guess that means we can’t lock hillary up.

Crooked Ivanka.

Knock her up!


Just sloppy handling, that’s all. No reasonable prosecutor would…

I’m sure we can look forward to years of Congressional Republicans leading investigations into this coupled with Trump repeatedly leading mobs in chants calling for Ivanka’s imprisonment.

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Comey for Special Prosecutor!

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You know what they say about karma.

Wonder how soon Daddy will talk about this. I’m sure it’ll be very soon. LOL

The thing I don’t understand is how could any sensible person allow this to happen? Hillary got raked through the coals and your for unsecured emails on a private account. Not even two years into Trump’s presidency and his daughter does nearly the exact same thing. You can argue that the emails are of different levels of importance, but we don’t know that and it’s beside the point. If you’re going to rant and threaten someone for using nonsecured emails, for the love of god, don’t do it yourself.


Well Clinton got away with it so…

Hubris. Everybody in DC has it.