BUSTED: Video Surfaces of Bernie Sanders Saying ‘Lining Up for Food’ a ‘GOOD THING’ | Sean Hannity

Recently found footage featuring Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders went viral on social media this week; showing the self-described Democratic-Socialist saying “lining up for food” is a “good thing”

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I am nearly struck speechless. Not ONE of our illustrious law makers that advocates Socialism has ever spent time in an actual socialist country. Reading a book is not the same as experience. We need a modern version of the peace corps where we can send these idealistic millennials and politicians to actually experience everyday life in a place like Venezuala.

People who call themselves Socialist here should go to Vietnam to see if they can live and mouth off like they do here. They have to bribe everyone for anything they need or want. It’s easy to bark or parrot their talking points to naive democrats/liberals whose only agenda is obstructing and resisting the current Administration.