BUSTED! NY Times ATTACKS 'Absent' Pompeo During Secret RESCUE MISSION

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/busted-ny-times-attacks-absent-pompeo-during-secret-rescue-mission/

The New York Times viciously slammed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Tuesday, accusing the senior Trump aide of being “thousands of miles away” during the President’s Iran speech; despite the fact he was in North Korea negotiating the release of three prisoners.

According to Fox News, the Times blasted Pompeo for not being on hand as the President announced his decision to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement; saying he was missing at a “key moment” of the Trump presidency.

“Senior State Department officials were momentarily speechless on Tuesday when asked why Mr. Pompeo did not delay his trip by a day to be in Washington during Mr. Trump’s Iran deal announcement,” writes the Times.

“The absence of Mr. Pompeo and other top State Department officials left perplexed European diplomats privately complaining that they were having trouble getting answers from Washington,” the author added.

It became clear by Wednesday that the reason Pompeo was “thousands of miles away” was to oversee the transfer of three American prisoners from North Korean officials to US custody.

Read the full story at Fox News.

The NYT was not “busted” nor did they “attack” Pompeo and they most assuredly did not “viciously slam” the Secretary of State in their artucle.

Just because you don’t like their reporting it doesn’t call for such biased hyperbole.

I went to the Times story. I agree that the Times made it bigger than it was but it was far from a “vicious attack” imo.

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Isn’t that the way things are these days, though? You don’t criticize someone’s actions, you blast or slam them. If someone is critical of you, you don’t offer a retort, you fire back. If necessary, rip 'em for good measure. Damning stories are bombshells. We have shots off of the bow. Anymore, when I’m reading news stories, I think I’m reading a war novel.

The Times did not slam or viciously attack anyone. There were reporters right there on the plane with Pompeo and the story included quotes from him . The Times story also said Pompeo was expected to return with 3 American prisoners.

Dumb RW whinage, as usual.


Odd way for their frustration at how well Trump is doing to come out…lol!

The NYT has been on life support for about a decade. Desperate people/organizations do desperate things.

Pretty pathetic.

Ironically it’s Trump that preventing em from going totally broke.

They have to act/behave like they’re doing otherwise what few remaining of em will dry up.

True. He is to the dying print industry what Obama was to the gun industry.