Businesses say the $1.5 trillion US tax cut has no major impact on their

Main streem media stopped reporting on companies givening raises, increasing benefits and such mid January last year. What makes you think they’d start reporting on it again now?

So is your position that they’re still being given bonuses just no one is talking about it?

That’s what you’re implying.

I’m implying it could be a possability. Could be companies will wait til the end of 2019 to do bonuses (you know near the end of the tax year when they have a better picture of what they will have)

4 companies out of 50 actually, which is how many were on the list you provided. And since you crapped all over another poster for cherry picking, I have to assume that your list is definitive, and therefore only 10% of the S&P 500 have done anything with their tax cuts. Of those 50, the other poster was able to pick 4 that were questionable. That leaves, at best, 9.2% of the S&P 500 companies that announced anything significant for their employees based on the tax breaks.


It was definitiave as of the date the article was posted. I couldn’t tell you if any others decided to do things after that since that is the last date CNBC did a write up on it.

That was 50 out of how many that did press releases? How many did something without a press release? I don’t know do you?

After thinking a little more, I don’t know if that list is definitive or not. That list only contained companies that are part of the s&p that publicly announced their plans. Could there have been companies in the s&p that did stuff without a press release? Possible. So I don’t call the ONE article a definitive list of big companies that gave back some of their tax savings.

I work at a company that gave those Bonus’s.

I admit, the thousand bucks was nice.

A year later, it’s gone, and my pay is pretty much the same and I’m not better off than I was before.

Got to buy a laptop though, so that was nice.


Doesn’t make much sense since corporate taxes are payed quarterly. Also doesn’t make much sense that they didn’t wait till year end last year (your article is January 2018) to start giving out bonuses.

Finally, it doesn’t make sense that there’d be a total media blackout regarding these bonuses. There is no liberal media monopoly.

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Sorry I don’t have time to look into every company on your list of…how many? How many are on that list? And what percentage of 500 is that number?

  1. There are 50 on that list.

That’s 10% of the s&P 500.

And just a casual cglance at the list shows many of them are bogus claims like “giving money to charity” and “capital investments” and others are laughably small ONE TIME bonuses - when the huge tax cuts continue indefinitely!

So Whoopi!!! 10% of the fortune 500 threw peanuts to the peasants!

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Yeah… that was sarcasm…

proving again that Trump sucks as a business person (unless he’s enriching himself).