Businesses defying stay at home orders/corporate greed/socialism

across the country you have some large businesses defying stay at home orders to remain open by them declaring themselves essential. (hobby lobby and matress firm are just 2 examples).
in addition you have companies declaring bankruptcy days after giving their top execs millions in bonuses (whiting petroleum)

is it any wonder socialism is becoming more and more popular.?
companies are showing their utter contempt for the rest of society

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If…you are weak minded…do not believe in preparing yourself for a career and then give this world your very best efforts in pursuing the American Dream…socialism is your motto.


So let’s start with the Whiting Petroleum…

Do you have a problem with the paychecks they cut to workers prior to this bankruptcy? Do you think the fault of this lies on the CEO that they obviously want to retain or do you think it may lie in the fact that the CV came around and at the same time, we had the Saudi’s flood the market, resulting in $20 oil? Do you know what percentage of the balance sheet those bonuses represent? Their gross income was about $1.5 Billion last year. They agreed to pay this CEO a wage and I know you all hate people making lots of money, unless they’re in Hollywood or on the football field, but production targets were met so there’s absolutely no reason to penalize these guys for the oil price dropping from $60 a barrel to $20 which is the reason why they are being forced into bankruptcy.

The utter contempt for society is coming from the fascists on the left that want full government control of businesses without understanding a damn thing about those companies and why compensation packages for CEO’s are what they are. You all don’t seem to have a problem with politicians being worth millions and millions but let a guy work his way up the ranks in a company and become the CEO and dad blast it, you BETTER not give him a good paycheck.

Socialism is becoming popular because people are not paying attention to the history of Socialism. Utopia sounds great but it’s not real.


Yeah, I’m sure the 10 million or so that filed for unemployment the last two weeks did not prepare themselves for a career and just didn’t give the world their very best efforts.


I have a problem with politicians enriching themselves and coming out of Congress/Senate far, far richer than when they went in.

I couldn’t say how many fit that description but I’ll guarantee you this…there were plenty.

Forced socialism requires an authoritarian state.

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So basically if you are a blue collar worker and didn’t go to college you’re are weak minded …I thought the GOP was for the average working guy
, ya know…“The Forgotten man”

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Preparing for a career doesn’t mean you have to go to college.


Not sure that is who Smyrna had in mind with his statement.

If you prepare to be a welder in construction, and construction is shut down. Is that your fault?

No. Thus these recent bills to extend unemployment insurance and to give checks to those whose income doesn’t exceed a certain amount.
Those businesses would have had to stop whether socialist or capitalist, and the workers would have been out of work.
Kind of week to make this a socialist v capitalism thing. the virus is neither.

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I thought that was the goal.

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Union or non union?

What does college have to do with that?

This has absolutely nothing to do with people that lose their jobs in a situation like this. I would bet money the people that were laid off in the past month aren’t the ones fighting for socialism. If you’re a working stiff and want socialism, then you’re just not very bright. There are two systems. Capitalism and Socialism. One provides upward mobility and has resulted in millions being lifted from poverty. Socialism provides full state control of everything and has been used in countries responsible for more than 100,000,000 murders in the past 100 years. Socialism = human misery. The capitalist system with a small social safety net is the best hope of humanity.


Link to a public company “declaring” themselves essential?

Signs placed on the front door of Hobby Lobby stores declare it is “operating as an essential business,” citing reasons including “offering PPE mask supplies” and providing educational and home office supplies.


Well in all fairness they are working for God.