Bush 41 is in intensive care

He could not go on without his wife.

I hate to be right but I predicted this as soon as Mrs. Bush’s announcement was made. Couples like them tend to follow each other in death pretty closely.

When you become half of a whole and live as such for five plus decades going on alone isn’t a prospect enjoyed by most of them.

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Me and Hubby argue all the time about ‘who will go first’…neither of us want’s to because life would suck without each other.

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I will be surprised if he holds out more than a year, its really hard to lose your partner and his health is not good. They are in our prayers.

Broken heart syndrome is very much a real thing.

He’s been in very poor health for a long time himself, I would not be surprised if he passes quickly from this.

He’s lived a very full life and the love of his life is gone. His kids and grandkids are grown, he’s seen his great grandkids born and thus has little left to live for.

Wish him well in whatever afterlife his faith ascribes when he succumbs to his ailments. An almost “Notebook” ending, for certain.

I’ve heard of couples who were married 60 or more years where the spouses died within days or even hours of each other.

I’m sure he’s lost without his loving companion of 73 years.

Same here. My grandparents were marred from 1926-2007 when my granddad passed away. Six months later my GGM died whom grandma had been caring for, two months later she was making her final arrangements and a month later she too was gone.

She said her work was done and she missed my granddad and her parents and it was time to go see them.

Agreed. I hope he can hold out for at least that.

Lost his wife, and now this.

He’s in my prayers.