Burbank Adam Schiff

Theory: Puppet boy from Burbank ca. Hollywood execs are directing, funding, feeding Burbank Adam Schiff to do make up lies, stories, ghosts, or whatever Hollywood execs tell them to do, He’s their fool, puppet, and b/:;(. Only Hollywood could come up with this.


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Theory: = crazy nonsense.


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Still more clever than literally every Trump nickname.

Awesome city, my old stomping grounds. Burbank cops suck though.

Conspiracy theorists really will be happier once Trump is out of office. It’s not natural to have one of their own in power. So much better to have people they dislike to blame for all their problems.

Welcome to the forums. Schiff is a piece of crap whether Hollywood is involved or not.

I like the way you think. Welcome to the board.


Funny how they look up to Schiffty and his silly Russian collusion lies. Kind of morbid.

If cali likes the cut of your jib, you can be sure there’s easy sailing ahead.

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That’s a redundant statement since the bastardization of his name.

Not surprising the vote to censure schiff for lying was voted down along party lines.

Couple of points to recognize in this article. Pelosi already made her mind up that trump should be impeached. The question why wait?
The second point is pelosis statement at the end is a lie. The witch hunt is most certainly about politics, nothing the democrats are doing is patriotic. Hopefully the voters will see through this in 2020.

Yep Cali is the gold standard of cons here at hannity.

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Allan (welcoming cons and libs alike to the hannity forum since 2002)

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To hold public hearing with the witnesses.

You know that is going to happen, right?


Nope this is a Pelosi political stunt

What is going to be your excuse when the dems hold public hearings?

I am waiting for this to happen so you can chomp some crow.