Bulletproof backpack sales on the rise

You sure that was a range?

How embarrassing for you:



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1.Not sensible.

To start with your chart is bogus. The lifetime risk of dying from a mass shooting is 1 in 110,154, not 1 in 11,125.

The risk of being killed in a mass school shooting in the 2017-2018 school year were 1 in 2,000,000

The odds of being struck by lightning in a given year are 1 in 1,222,000


Just because you find a source that’s my favorable to your argument doesn’t mean that my source is bogus

Assault by gun: 1 in 315
Foreign-born terrorist:1 in 45,785

Use your head, a one in 11,125 chance of being killed by a mass shooter? Ridiculous on it’s face.

Use simple math, for that to be true we would have to be on track to rack up over 29,000 such deaths over the course of the average life, say 72 years. 330,000,000 divided by 11,125 equals 29,662 divided by 72 equals 411. Total mass shooting deaths 2018, 80, 2017, 117, 2016, 71.

Apples and oranges. We fight international terrorism because there are well funded groups who finance and recruit people to carry it out. No such group exists in regard to domestic gun violence. If they do I will be more than happy to see us fight them too.

But if you are saying being afraid you will be killed by a foreign born terrorist is an irrational fear, I would agree and would further say we should not contemplate infringing on the constitutional rights of American citizens to allay such irrational fears.

By what then? The size of your flock?

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Why? You’re the one who was triggered to respond to something that you say doesn’t bother you because it doesn’t apply to you.

Yeah, exploiting irrational fear is a tried and true way to make a buck.

I’m curious how this works when kids don’t pack their backpacks around all day, they are in their lockers.

I could put you on the operating end of a Ma Deuce and I guarantee you that you would get that look on your face. Heck, even a Thompson will do that to virtually everyone. You may arrogantly think you are immune, but you’re not.

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I see, thanks

There is exactly zero truth in your claim.

Yeah, as if you would know. :smile:

:rofl: ok, if you say so.

It;s very sad. They still have Crocodile Dundee i suppose though? :wink::sunglasses:

Not even him … he lives in Santa Barbara. :wink:

And the Australian rancher who inspired the character was killed in a shoot out with police in 1999. :neutral_face:

Pwned again.

The actor got the heck out of Dodge and the real one died?

Guess they are out of luck then. :wink: