Bulletproof backpack sales on the rise

Just a snapshot of where we are as a country. As ghoulish as it may seem, these things may one day save lives.

Body armor, eh? :thinking: lol

It’s pretty sick that we would rather bend to the will of the radical gun nutters and put kids in body armor than fix our gun problem.

But dead children is just the cost we have to pay so insecure, toxic masculinity infused, try hards can feel powerful with their guns.


We’ll probably end up with something like TSA like security checks anytime anyone wants to enter any school premises

I’ve already seen this movie and I for one can’t wait for White America to get a taste of their children going to schools that function essentially like prisons.

Thanks to Bidens sick gun free zones that cause so much suffering it’s needed.

Does this work against the stares of a wife?

Correct. There’d be no need for these at all if there were a sufficient number of guns everywhere.

Unassailable logic.

When there is no sireuse punishment for crimes the Community will end up a hell hole for the innocent.

If only we armed every school child to the teeth, maybe they wouldn’t need these backpacks.

That would apply to not having harsher consequences for gun crimes, and they know that there system creates more crimes.

Just look at these cesspools like Baltimore, Chicago.

By all means, enjoy your children’s schools having metal detectors, armed police, locked doors in violation of the fire code and all the rest and then find out it doesn’t stop shooting anyway. Have fun.

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Diversity is our strength.

That only happens when you have a society with a failed Judicial system, putting criminals back in the streets only creates more crime obviously!

That’s why Trump is popular, the American Patriots are divers.




Imagine being so far gone that you would rather give your child a bulletproof backpack than try to take even the most basic steps to stop gun violence.

“Here Junior, just hold this in front of you and hope for the best when the next random white guy shooter opens up on you with an AR-15.”





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I wonder how horrible life must be in the gun-free zone countries like Japan and Denmark. Since bad guys have all the guns and law-abiding children are not able to bring a glock to school to protect themselves they must have to dress up in a full body swat-like body armor every time they go off to learn geometry.


Here little guy the bad guys got a slap one the wrist down the street, be safe.