BUILDING BOOM: US Construction Industry 'BOOMING,' 273K+ Available Jobs

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The United States’ construction industry is “booming” under President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress, with new data showing the market rapidly expanding with “plenty of available jobs” for American workers.

According to Market Watch, “One of the brightest spots in recent employment reports has been construction hiring.”

“Employers added a net new 23,000 construction jobs in September, the Labor Department said Friday, and the number of people working in the industry was 315,000 higher compared to a year earlier,” adds the industry website.

The report adds there remains a healthy stock of “construction jobs open” in recent weeks; adding there were 273,000 “positions” on the employment market at the end of July.

“The construction industry added workers and increased pay in the past year at rates higher than the overall economy,” added an industry insider. “However, the pool of unemployed workers with construction experience has nearly evaporated.”

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