Building a border wall queries

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I apologize for the lengthy e-mail, but I have been percolating on this for many days. I have tried to e-mail Hannity directly through the website, but it never goes through :frowning: I finally made time to put my thoughts to paper and now need more knowledge and resources to seek answers. Thanks in advance!

CNN did an article that building a $25B wall would cost each U.S. house hold $120. If each Trump voter from 2016 paid $388 (based on the 62.9+ million voter number), the wall could be built. The reason I bring up this number is not EVERY household wants the wall. But I’m willing to suggest 97% or higher of Trump supporters do want the wall and would be willing to “Crowd Fund” or “Go Fund Me” the wall. And some households, such as myself, would give more than $388. Why can’t we do that? I understand the Federal Government is responsible for National Defense, but the Federal Government ISN’T DOING ANYTHING! Don’t states have the right to protect themselves? How about individual counties? Cities? Towns? Neighborhoods? Homes? Individuals? Seriously, isn’t part of the Conservative ideology to be “self sufficient” and “self reliant”?

What would happen if individuals whose properties abut the Mexico-U.S. border decided to build a fence, or “wall”, ON THEIR PROPERTY and then their neighbors on either side of THEIR PROPERTY decide to do the same thing and they decide to connect the edges of their respective fences to their neighbors? Is there an eminent domain issue here? I would suspect the $25B cost would be even less if done privately, as opposed to government contracts? The wall could be a simple as electric fences (think Jurassic Park fence structures).
We could probablu use solar power for the electricity :slight_smile: That would make the environmentalists happy, right?

If we need the Federal Government to “do something”, is passing a law that allows for Crowd Funding/Go Fund Me enough of “doing something” to move the wall construction forward? If the Republicans TRULY cared about National Security and the wellness of the U.S.A. as whole, beyond just the immediate Border States, then such a Bill should pass easily in both Houses of Congress. Senator O’Connell could simply eliminate the need for 60 votes and they could pass such legislation with a simple majority and nearly no one but the far Left would care.

California may not want a Wall, but I believe those people who live near the border (at least the counties one county away from the border, the map shows the CA-MX border counties are Blue) disagree with Sacramento, so by my above my logic, the individuals could build the Wall, right? If the Californians couldn’t build their personal/private walls, then wouldn’t it follow that Nevada and Oregon people could build walls? Essentially wall off California completely? And, taking this logic a step further, and looking at the electoral map, the entire West Coast could be walled off going up through Utah and Idaho all the way to Canadian border. Right? Or, looking at the Electoral Map by counties’ voting, there is a definitely line/wall that could be drawn from Texas to Canada, splitting California into 2 definitive entities (instead of 3 as on their ballot); thereby, not removing reasonable, logical, non-Socialist Californians from the rest of the U.S.

I understand this is somewhat of an esoteric, intellectual exercise with regards to walling off part of the U.S. states from the rest of the U.S.; essentially a secession argument, to be precise. Please don’t think I am promoting such an extreme idea, just trying to raise questions and make a point simultaneously. I am well aware regressing to “tribes” is not in the best interest of the USA as a whole. For the safety of our Nation, ALL of our citizens, and even Canada’s safety, it makes the most sense for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to DO THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL JOBS and protect the U.S. Citizens by building the Wall. Doesn’t it? What am I missing in this argument/debate? If I am not missing anything and my argument/logic is sound, why am I not hearing these ideas in the mainstream media (meaning ALL traditional media outlets not Social Media) including Fox News channels?

I’m just a concerned citizen who solves problems for a living as a Physical Therapist. As a proud Ohioan, I see the human trafficking in the news in OUR state! Our drug issues are HUGE and real. ICE has recently arrested dozens of illegals. I’m still waiting for the businesses to be fined or punished, by the way. I don’t have a law degree and even though I can read the Constitution, I can’t seem to comprehend why any of my previous queries are so complicated that nothing is being done. What is the advantage for the “no Wall” crowd to have their position? Is their position a true legal position? Or is it really about overwhelming our system for the end game of globalism and Socialism? I cannot even imagine we have that many people in power that want that; but, that mental exercise is for another time.

Thank you for your time and consideration with my lengthy inquiries. Be well. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


Why anyone would want to spend billions of dollars on 12th century technology, is beyond me.

a border wall is to 12th century barrier technology as an AR-15 is to 12th century firearm technology.

Libs seem to think the latter are very different in their new forms. Likewise new walls built with new technology and new materials are very different than the old ones.

If you had a modicum of technological knowledge, you would know that.

Um, what? Hitting the potato water early today?

OP, this is a brilliant idea.

I am willing to contribute a significant effort to help get this project off the ground, as well as financially to the wall itself. I sent you a PM Jim.

Why not just start a GoFundMe and donate to the government? Idk what GoFundMe rules are but I suspect with some legitimacy it could go viral

And make sure not to give to the government u til they guarantee the build. In the meantime use the interest on it to help out immigrant children or something like that

25billion is a lot of money idk where u would put it or if GoFundMe could handle that

And start robocalling all trump voters/supporters everyday until all the money is raised. Preferably at dinner time. :grin:

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And be sure to budget a bigger number every year after that for maintenance and staffing and repairs and upgrades because that baby ain’t going to just sit there.


Not sure why it’s even a discussion.

All President Dennison needs to do is open a bank account and Mexico can put the money there that he said would pay for the wall.



Perhaps I have failed to mention it, but I used to build some crazy complex capital cost estimation models for multibillion-dollar oil and gas projects. Budgeting something like this is actually really easy compared to those (no chemical engineering or disaster mitigation involved). My initial estimate, for a 45 foot wall (30 above, 15 sub) was about $18b, but I have since developed a new rolling logistics method that would potentially allow for a twin barrier with a railway in between to be built for $22b. More capital cost, but also considerably lower operating cost and value to the customer (us).

I would make this even more interesting. Let’s say that the border wall is a company. Divide the 25 billion in to $100.00 stocks. Each of us could buy as many shares of stock as we wanted. Then…calculate the savings to the American people annually? Take 100% of that amount and split it amongst the shareholders the first year. Take 50% and split it amongst them for the next 5 years after that. Then pay out 25% for the next 5 and 10% for 10 years after that. After that, the wall is owned by “we the people”. :us::sunglasses:

I love this idea because there’s nothing to stop people in other countries from donating as well. It’s entirely possible that some Mexican citizens would donate to our wall, and so in that way Trump would have been telling the truth that Mexico would pay for the wall.

Why haven’t someone taken the initiative to make this a reality yet?

What you say is true. The stock should be offered to federal income tax payers first who pay a net something, then all citizens and then open it up to outside the US if there’s anything left?

Israel wears the 12th century well then.

Third century technology.

And it didn’t work then.

Yeah, because terrorists never fire rockets and mortars over the apartheid wall.

Wait - isn’t Mexico suppose to be paying for this wall?