Build the wall!

I don’t really care how we get this border wall done. It needs to get done. I know Mexico was supposed to pay for it. That seemed unrealistic when it was promised and indeed it appears that it was promising too much because now President Trump is seeking funding through Congress. At this point, I don’t care if Israel helps us pay for it. I would be willing to accept that to get this done. Apprehensions of people coming across our southern border are going back up:

  • 2013- 489,498
  • 2014- 569,237
  • 2015- 444,859
  • 2016- 553,378
  • 2017- 415,517
  • 2018- 521,090

And now we have these leftists, Marxists coming here from Honduras for a political stunt and who knows what else. Included in this large group are gang members and other criminals. The wall is overdue and responsible border security is long overdue. So I don’t care who pays for it. Israel did not say they would help or even hint at it. I guess it just came to me because they have a border fence that has stopped almost all of their illegal immigration. Our border is different than theirs in many ways, but border security can still be done. We need to do something fast because America is about to be invaded. If people think this is the only time this will happen, they have another thing coming because other groups are already forming. I am looking forward to seeing how our government will handle this. I pray that God will give them the wisdom to make the right decisions to protect our country from harm from these people. “For he [government] is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer” (Romans 13:4 ESV).

You know what stopped illegal immigration into Israeli all the armed military personal every 20 feet.

Well that doesn’t hurt either, lol.

Trump lied to you. He had no intention of building the wall.


It just went up another ten feet!

Yep. He knows his supporters like shiny things, “campaign devices,” and accomplishments that are not real.

Build that wall!

Make Israel pay for it!

It’s revealing how many people look at a group of desperate men, women, and children looking for help and see some kind of invading army. My Facebook feed is filled with similar nonsense being peddled by the right, using their usual tactics to terrify their base.

The old, the white, and the gullible.

Well this is awkward. Just last year, we were told, around these parts, that Trump himself, being of grand stature, was a deterrent in and of himself, and that illegal immigrants knew he’d be tough and were coming in fewer numbers.

Also, Trump was offered bipartisan funding during all the budget stuff, and he turned it out.

Also, God wants us to treat those less fortunate compassionately. Don’t be a buffet Christian and only pick and choose which parts of the Bible are pertinent. There’s a lot in the NT about Jesus’ compassion for our fellow man and those in need.

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Dems have no solutions for anything…Which is why we have wag the dog with “explosives”.

False flag! Alex would be proud.

Originally, I never thought he would. That’s why I refused to vote for him in the general election. I still thought it was a good idea. I just didn’t think he was serious about it. Now with the leftist, Marxist, criminal, gang member march toward the southern border, it is more necessary now than ever.

We are more than capable of dealing with these people.

Trump never wants to build a wall. He just wants to chant about it for his followers.

I’m for that. I would do a few weeks a year as a volunteer protecting our country.


They’re not an invading army.

That doesn’t mean I support opening the door for them.

I don’t think we can just let in anyone who wishes it either. But we can definitely show some compassion for people who are so desperate about their lot in life that they were willing to trek over a thousand miles on foot for a chance at a better life. Instead, some have chosen the path of demonizing these poor folks.

Like closing Gitmo?

Like affordable healthcare?

Reminds me of the “collusion” accusations. Libs dont want the truth… they love the innuendo.

Congressional democrats approved a bill that would have funded that stupid wall. Trump said he wouldn’t sign the bill. You’re a mark in Trump’s con.

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I saw video yesterday of all kinds of suffering by people in the Caravan. Open borders is causing their suffering. It’s what makes them abuse their children for such a trip.