Buffalo elects A Democratic Socialist Mayor

“A political newcomer with no previous government experience”?
Well there were those nifty photo ops with Cuomo.
Good luck Buffalo.
This should be fun to watch.

An incumbent who decided he didn’t need to campaign, coupled with super low turnout. You reap what you sow and elections do have consequences. I’m sure glad I don’t live in that broken down city.

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Is Buffalo broken down? Genuinely asking. Don’t know much about the current state of the city.

I haven’t been to Buffalo in more than a decade, but it was definitely broken then.

They’ve lost a good chunk of their population over the years. Not a place I would like to live.

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You’re not wrong - but that was a while ago. Buffalo lost a good chunk of its population 20+ years ago.

The population has been pretty stable for at least the last decade.

Buffalo wings for everyone.

She’s just a typical leftist defunder that wants to push social workers into law enforcement. I wish the residents of that city luck, they’re certainly gonna need it.

If someone isn’t at the risk of being shot are they truly being helped?

Who would be dumb enough to vote for someone with no political experience???

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So does the new mayor have any assets to distribute “fairly”?

63 million Republicans


The only buffalo I’m interested in is Buffalo Trace. :wink:

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Who would live anywhere in far upstate New York?

Snow galore. On the eastern edge of the Great Lakes.

A wonderful spot for a city. Yikes.


The problems I’ve witnessed in cities and states around the country happened because those there, permit it and this is just another example.

Or a career politician of over 4 decades that has accomplished nothing but enriching himself and his family?

Occupying space while getting rich isn’t the goal of politics?

And … the Bills :woozy_face:

Solid article on the city and its economics here: