BROWARD CHAOS: Teacher Finds ‘Box of Provisional Ballots’ in School Storage Room | Sean Hannity

A teacher in Broward County, Florida reportedly found a container labeled “provisional ballot box” in a school’s storage room this week; raising serious questions over the Sunshine State’s likely recount of pivotal Senate and Governor races.

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The teacher did not find a “box of provisional ballots”.

Read some real news and you will find out that she did find a tote box used on election days for provisional voting supplies that got mistakenly left behind. There were no ballots in the box, provisional or otherwise.

At least she did have the good sense not to disturb it until election officials could come secure it.

Good for her!

There is real video of cars lined up transferring boxes upon boxes of ballots that another campaign caught on camera . Administrator please look on my timeline and see for yourself. I have been sharing the hell out of this. It’s up to 14k views from 3k from when I got it yesterday morning. This is serious stuff and should be reported on asap!

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