BROWARD CHAOS: Teacher Finds ‘Box of Provisional Ballots’ in School Storage Room | Sean Hannity

A teacher in Broward County, Florida reportedly found a container labeled “provisional ballot box” in a school’s storage room this week; raising serious questions over the Sunshine State’s likely recount of pivotal Senate and Governor races.

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One thing is for certain. There needs to be an investigation into the handling of ballots in Florida. If improprieties are found the guilty parties need to be prosecuted. This has gone on long enough. In fact all counties in all states should be checked out for improprieties and the guilty prosecuted.

Guarantee that once people start getting locked up for 6 months to a year, that crap will start to stop. typical dems, look up all registered voters, then fill in their ballots for them, sign them, and keep them safe until such a time is needed to “discover” new ballots.