BROWARD BREAKDOWN: Accusations Mount over Florida Corruption, Mystery Deliveries, Slow Counting | Sean Hannity

Broward County, Florida was once again thrust into the national spotlight this week over complaints of possible corruption and voter regularities following Tuesday’s high-stakes midterm elections.

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Fulton County Georgia has had a history of election problems also but at least election officials there have lost their jobs over it. In Florida, this woman was even found to have broken state and federal laws but nothing happens to her. When you let a bank robber become the manager of a bank, you shouldn’t be surprised when she walks off with all the money.

Where lawlessness reigns people’s love grows cold. When are the republicans going to start holding these people accountable, not just letting them go for breaking laws with no repercussions? Why should the rest of us be held accountable for a minor infraction of the law, like speeding Etc.? Either justice for ALL or no justice at all.

Apparently, in Florida at least, when you wilfully break state , and even federal, election laws, there are no consequences either criminally or civilly.

Will anything EVER be done about the horrible mismanagement and fraud? Where are the Republicans? Isn’t there anything that can be done to clean out this nest?
While I appreciate Project Veritas releasing the videos showing corruption, I’m afraid they were released way too late to have an impact.
Regarding AZ: Why isn’t there a demand made to verify votes were cast by LEGAL citizens and NOT illegals? I’m not sure who can demand this, but it seems something stinks in AZ.

Arizona has been infected by migration from California just like Colorado. People get disgusted with the conditions and high taxes in Cali so they move out, then they decide to change their new State to be just as rotten as their old one. Maybe we need to quarantine all of the left coast liberals to California, Oregon and Washington and the East coast liberals to New York City and New England. Let them solve their own messes instead of having the rest of us bail them out. If we’re lucky, Florida can be saved before it all falls into a sinkhole.