Britons would now vote to stay in EU, want second referendum

Funny that.

Now that they are understanding exactly what it means and the financial ramifications, it appears that the populace now wants to make a different decision. When it was simply propaganda being spread, obviously by Russians and other entities, they were influenced by bad info.

Let them vote again and let’s see if this exit stands up.

Funny how that all worked out… right?

After Donald won, knowing that we weren’t the only dummies in the world was a comfort to me.

For that reason, I am forever grateful to the Leaves.

The 52% didn’t vote for a hard Brexit, the UKIP lot specifically campaigned against a hard Brexit and said it wouldn’t happen. They claimed the EU would never stand for it. That was obviously a lie, and to be fair the EU signaled as much as it could that the promises the leave campaign were making were completely unrealistic.

Now it’s clear we’re either getting a hard Brexit which is economic suicide and would lead to tremendous disruption (and possibly re-ignite the troubles), or we will get so soft a Brexit that no-one will really be happy with the situation but at least we won’t be cutting our own throats.

A hard Brexit means about half of all our imports and exports would immediately be subject to tarriffs, and since our exports are often service based they get hit with particularly high tarriffs per WTO rules. And there would be massive delays at the border overnight. Everything would have to be checked as it comes through customs, as opposed to the currently frictionless trading (driving goods from Texas to NY for example, without having to have permission from each state to pass through etc).

Ireland would also suddenly have an unenforceable hard border with N.Ireland, which would be a nightmare on several fronts in and of itself.

Then there is the matter of 3 million EU citizens living and working in the UK, and 1 million + UK expats doing the same in the EU, who would be in legal limbo and potentially subject to deportation.

I thought all the polls had Britain remaining in the EU before the Brexit vote happened?

Polling in the UK is notoriously iffy.

But there’s no contesting that a hard Brexit isn’t what 52% voted for, nor is May’s deal what 52% voted for.

That’s always been the problem, what Brexit actually entailed and would ultimately look like was never agreed upon.

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“Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

I am not a Brit but if that was the wording on the referendum ballot I voted on I would interpret it as leaving the European Union and everything that goes with it.

The leave campaign (Farage et al) specifically ran on leaving the EU whilst retaining access to the single market and frictionless trading, but getting rid of free movement.

The EU said from the beginning that that was a non-starter, and they were ultimately correct.

Leave voters didn’t vote to increase taxes on half our imports and exports. But here we are.

Take note Trump, what seems like a good idea can change overtime.

On the other hand, you guys would be so much more smug about Trump if it wasn’t for this.


The Leave people told voters they could have their cake and eate it too. Now finding out that’s not true and the real decision is how badly the economy is fall by which exit plan they choose. Suckers

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Nahhhh. We’re plenty smug.

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Sounds so familiar.

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All those Rule Britannia types don’t realize the empire is gone…forever.

Yep. Every Empire falls.

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Very true. We may be witnessing our own Nero fiddling moment here as well.


So how do they hold a second vote without completely alienating the pro-Brexit folks?

Not really relevant.

I didn’t say you stopped being British. We just have more sassy comeback options.

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Well, except for the Commonwealth of Nations and the Commonwealth Realm and being probably the biggest influence on Western civilization for the last two hundred plus years.

I’m not even really arguing your point, but the UK’s dramatic fall from imperial grace has entailed them following from the number one most powerful nation in the world to like number five. Not exactly the Hapsburgs.