Brexit is Official

They finally went and did it. Power to the people, and congratulations to my extended family across the pond! :wine_glass:

Never forget that your “leaders” serve you.


they deserve so much more than the disaster that is europe


The UK sUKs.

The same geography that once made them great also gave them the rotten luck of the draw.

We are fortunate to be where we are, when we are.

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no doubt!!

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So excited to see if they bring terrorism back to Northern Ireland.

Why? lol

eh…typical responses to more freedom and autonomy

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I thought libs liked Freedom though? :thinking:

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If they are for it we are against it. Rah rah


Or lose Scotland.

They won’t lose Scotland and if they do?

That’s what the Scottish Government is asking. That is what the SNP are asking?

Congratulations to the Brits who are free again! :+1::grin:


The Scots voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU.

From what? I mean you guys don’t know ■■■■ all about the politics behind it or how the campaign was run or the promises that were made or the sequelae of the decision. But rah rah?

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They like globalism and giving up freedom.

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Yes. Correctly so. They won’t lose Scotland. It’s like ARM. Where did that really get you?

That’s not very liberal:thinking:

A country full of socialist programs voted for freedom. I can’t. Where do you guys comes up with this stuff?

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