Brennan: "Trump committed treason"

Former CIA Director John Brennan exposed himself as a fool and ignoramus by stating that President Trump has committed treason. This was the second time he has made this statement.

Treason requires an enemy to give aid and comfort to. An enemy requires an open or declared war. Brennan was basing his “Treason” claim on Trump’s dealings with Putin. We are not at war with Russia.

Brennan not only should have had his security clearance removed, he should never been CIA Director to begin with, if he is that stupid.

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I noticed that now…even Clapper is distancing himself.

Clapper just wants him to tone down the rhetoric. He agrees with him and signed a letter recently to the president to that effect.

Seems like someone in charge of the CIA might have brought it to someone else’s (obama’s, American people’s) attention if they had proof of that.

I guess he’s just waiting for “the big reveal”. Like mueller.

Great idea to let “a traitor” run the country for 2 years in the meantime.

If Clapper agrees with him that Trump committed treason, Clapper is also a legal ignoramus.

Yeah all the long time intelligence people even those who were critical of Obama are wrong. And you guys are right about Trump. :roll_eyes:

Do you have any idea what treason is? Any idea at all?

The sole legitimate purpose of having a retired intelligence operative retain a clearance is so they can be a consultant to the current administration.
When Brennan made wild accusations of treason, he negated any reason he should retain his clearance, as obviously that administration is not going to seek his assistance.

And yes, an intelligence officer should at least know the definition of treason.

And this wild card nut, along with the perjuring Clapper, are the beginnings of the Mueller investigation.
That’s what’s scary.

Its very unusual for a former Intel chief like Brennan, Clapper etc to be that often on TV, taking part at that hounding. Their behaviour is the evidence they act against America and American interests