BRENNAN GOES OFF: Vows to Criticize Trump 'Until Integrity Returns to the White House'


I love fantasy fiction!

Can you give us a clue what your fantasy crime is?


Just accept the fact that my post trumped yours. Maybe you will win a little debate with me some other time. But this is not that time.


That is something your Messiah would have done…or your Queen.


there… you got me.


Getting troll heavy in here.


Good point.


When you’ve had a few years as a successful prosecutor I’ll give your opinion equal weight to his.

Partisan drivel is your specialty, him? He’s a hell of a lawyer with lots of sources close to the investigation.


Sure he does. Lol. He’s an expert grifter of the low infos, for sure.


Thanks for proving my point. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint.


Oh, you too, dear friend.


Oh, brother. Now in order to have an opinion, I need to make a resume AND work a few years as a prosecutor? I better get started. See y’all in 2022.


Appeal to authority cubed.



I know I’m bumping an old thread, but I can’t help but respond here.

Joe DiGenova is not “a hell of a lawyer” and he doesn’t have any connections to the investigation. He’s a talking head and lobbyist who served as US Attorney for 4 years, ending 30 years ago. Since then, he’s been a purely political actor, and his opinion holds little to no legal weight with anyone who understands the law.


All I’m going to say is that if he’s waiting for integrity to return to the White House, he’s got at least 2 years to wait for that to happen…


Translation: Will run mouth till imprisoned.


Imprisoned for what? Is the Trump-led DOJ pursuing prosecution against him? What charges has he been indicted on?


He is up to his eyeballs in the fake dossier frame up attempt.



Let’s try again.


Should be really easy for any educated person.


I’m no educated…nor I’m I indoctrinated.