BRENNAN BACKTRACKS: Former CIA Chief Says ‘I Didn’t Mean Trump Committed Treason’ | Sean Hannity

Former CIA Director John Brennan left voters across the United States scratching their heads over the weekend, strangely stating he “didn’t mean” Trump committed an act of treason when he said his actions “were nothing short of treasonous.”

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It is outrageous this group (Clapper, Rice, Yates, Comey, etc.) continues having a security clearance on my dime to make an obscene amount of money. Yes, my dime. They have already been paid handsomely for their years of service. To enable them to continue profiting off a security clearance, paid for by the American public, is inexcusable.

Amen brother Amen

You mean the self-professed COMMUNIST is taking someone to task about being unethical when he is allegedly behind the whole false Russian Collusion Narrative???
He needs to shut up and crawl back into his Communistic crib…deceitful, dishonest, and all other things liberal!!!